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Our Hair and Beauty Trend Predictions for 2019!

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What’s in store for 2019, you cry? Only one way to find out…

We’ve already rounded up our fashion trend predictions for 2019 (and what a roundup it was!) which means it’s time to look into our hair and beauty crystal ball too of course. You didn’t think we were going to leave those out, did you?

Hair and beauty go hand in hand with fashion, as they have the power to complement and even accentuate every piece of clothing or accessory imaginable. And if 2018 is anything to go by, we predict that 2019 is going to be stronger, bolder, bigger, and as a result better, than ever before. With a few head-scratchers thrown in for good measure, too. Because, fashion darlings!

The glass hair trend

glass hair trend 2019

Yep, you read that right, glass hair. If you spent even a few seconds on Twitter and Instagram this year, you may have seen the glass hair hashtag floating around. And as we don’t think the trend is dying down any time soon, we’re going to tell you all about it, just in case you don’t already know. Glass hair was a term coined by the some of the biggest hair stylists in Hollywood, to mean hair so sleek and so shiny it resembles glass. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? It was rocked by the goddesses of glamour that is Jennifer Lopez and social media queen Kim Kardashian (among countless others). The style has left everyone green with envy. We believe 2019 is going to be all about recreating the glass hair trend, so get your hair straighteners, smoothing serums and frizz taming tools ready. If it doesn’t compete with the highlighter on your face, you’re doing it wrong!

The 2019 smoky grey

grey hair trend grey hairstyle 2019

Grey hair has blown up so astronomically over the past year, and is showing absolutely no signs of shrinking in popularity. Keen to keep things fresh and interesting, hair stylists went one step further during the Spring 2019 catwalk shows, and as a result we have been introduced to some delicious new shades. Keep things on the light charcoal, mink-like side for a 2019 update to your on-trend grey hair colour.  Alternatively, create an almost silver effect by simply adding a toner to pre-bleached hair. It’ll make a world of difference, and will keep the style looking sleek and modern. Which is actually quite ironic when you think about it…








hair accessories hair clips hair slides 2019

Hands up if you want to hunt Carrie Bradshaw down and scold her for those infamous derogatory hair scrunchie comments. We bet Burger would feel smug to the bone if he ever found out that hair scrunchies and all other hair accessories are back with a vengeance. (No, it’s not just a TV show, Sex and the City is very much our life and just as relevant to us now as it was back then.)

As we were saying, hair accessories are going to be huge in 2019, a statement which can also be taken literally too. More is most certainly more when it comes to hair accessories – especially if the Spring 2019 catwalks were anything to go by. And if we are taking further inspiration from the new season, then we mustn’t be afraid to take thing back a few decades either. That’s right: 70s inspired printed headscarves and 90s style crocodile clips, noughties teenager approved hair slides (extra points if they come with diamantes) – all rocked New York catwalks. And, of course, the beauty accessory which started it all – the scrunchie will appear in 2019!

Glitter hair

glitter hair 2019Get a map, hop a plane to New York, and pinpoint where your nearest dress-up shop is from JFK Airport – because that’s where you’re going to find everything you need for this next big trend. Giambattista Valli presented glitter hair on the Spring 2019 catwalk this year, and we quite honestly haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. No party, festival or trip to the mall is going to be complete without glitter hair spray. Forget ombre and balayage, it’s all about glitter ends in 2019.




In the nude

natural make up look 2019

The release of the Huda Beauty New Nude palette had everyone obsessed with nude towards the end of this year. All you have to do is take one look at it – how can you not be? We’ve never seen anything quite so breath-taking! Although Huda Kattan’s offering was more sparkly and shimmery than most nude palettes tend to be, it certainly got people talking about nude make-up. Barely there make-up and no make-up are two terms which we have been obsessed with this year, and we think the world’s obsession with a clean face is only going to get bigger in the New Year. Maybe we are inspired by Meghan Markle’s bare bridal look, or maybe we just want to tone down our make-up for a change. The root reason doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we predict skincare is going to blow up in 2019! The trend will focus on achieving the perfect dewy barely there make-up look. We can’t wait!


glitter make up trend 2019

And because fashion can sometimes be confusing and contradictory, we present: glitter! As bold and empowering as the subtle, no make-up look can be (see above) we can’t deny how wonderful going all-out in the make-up department can be. And as all former magpies will tell you, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as glitter. See above re glitter hair if you don’t believe us. Glitter has been present in many Spring 2019 shows all around the world, with designers going for subtle pops around the eyes and brow bones (although is glitter ever really subtle?) to more daring additions such as lashings of highlighter you can see from space, and even glitter lips. Once again, more is more!






The return of the cat eye

If you’re a fan of the classic feline flick, then you’re in luck! The iconic cat eye had a cool make-over during the Spring 2019 catwalk season, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of it next year! But for 2019, the cat eye is going one step further than a dramatic flick of the eyeliner brush. Nothing is off the table as far as flicks are concerned – think sharp eyeshadow and bold cat-eye faux eyelashes. And if you take inspiration from Coach 1941, the liner even goes into a downward flick into the tearduct. (But perhaps save that last one for a music festival and not the office.)

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