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The Most Instagrammable Spots In NYC: Spring 2019 Edition

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instagrammable pop up post

Instagrammable Pop Ups: Just What Your Feed Needs

Springtime is here, and it is time to find some new and creative things to do around the city. Finding something fun to do is made even better when you can get an amazing picture to post on your social media. In recent years, we have seen the boom of pop up museums and “Instagrammable” exhibitions to get the perfect photo. Different artists and brands are working together to create truly immersive experiences for the masses to be able to share and create buzz around a certain product or cause. From a PR company perspective, this is an amazing way to market, and it is also a really fun way for people to be part of a brand community. Instagrammable moments come and go, but they make your feeds look out of this world. There are so many new spots that it can be a bit hard to keep up, so here is a round up of the must see exhibits and pop ups that will give you the photo op that you’ve been searching for. 

MOI New York


The Museum of Illusions New York is the perfect spot to get some snaps that are unlike any other. This museum explores the history and creativity that optical illusions are all about. The MOI takes illusions to the next level by making their exhibitions very interactive. Not only can you learn about how these optical illusions work, but you can get some amazing pictures that will really trick the human eye.  MOI encourages attendees to have fun and take as many pictures as possible (and who wouldn’t want to get some pictures that will have your Instagram followers looking twice).

instagrammable pop ups
Photo: MOI Gallery


Summer pop ups 2019


This amazing, interactive art exhibition is coming to NYC in 2019. ARTECHOUSE launched successfully in both Miami and Washington DC. The space is the perfect crossroads between the worlds of art, science, and technology. This exhibition explores the concept that art is meant for everyone, and that the medium that one uses to create art and express themselves should not be bound to any specific medium. Art can go further than just painting and sculpture, especially with new technology being introduced at such a fast rate. This is a fully immersive experience that allows attendees to explore new forms of art and capture some truly surreal images. 

The Color Factory NYC


The Color Factory has been a huge hit since it’s debut in San Fransisco. It moved it’s way to Soho NYC in Fall 2018 and has become one of the most Instagrammed spots in the city ever since. This pop up is about as interactive as it gets, and super kid friendly. It includes many immersive experiences such as a colorful ball pit, a floating balloon room, and a colorful macaroon belt… I mean, what else could you possibly dream of? There are countless photo ops that will really liven up your Instagram feed, and many influencers have already jumped on board and captured some amazing pictures throughout the various rooms in the pop up. The pop up will run throughout mid May, so go while you can!

colorful instagram
photo: color factory

The Flag Art Foundation

spring summer pop up trends
photo: @shaunroig Instagram


One of the biggest perks of living in NYC is getting to explore all of the amazing art galleries around downtown Manhattan. Most of these art galleries are free and don’t even require a ticket (you just walk right in and start viewing). The Flag Art Foundation is featuring some really fun and unique artists this spring, including the work of Robert Therrien, Lawrence Weiner, and Rachel Whiteread in an exhibit called On Board The Ships At Sea Are We. This amazing temporary exhibition will run through mid May, so go while you still can! It is a great opportunity to check out some sculptures that will have you feeling super small, and make for an amazing and fun picture for you to share with all of your followers.

Floral Pop Up In Eataly



Who doesn’t love Spring flowers and authentic Italian food? Eataly is truly adding new meaning to “Primavera” with their new decor at the Serra Fiorita by Birreria. Eataly was determined to create a space that mimics a blooming greenhouse just in time for spring time in the city. This is the perfect spot for a romantic date night, or even a brunch with the girls. The space is only decorated like this for the season, and comes with a seasonal menu to match. Go and enjoy a fresh Aperol Spritz in this lush rooftop and get some amazing Instagram content that will leave your followers wanting more. 

instagrammable pop ups spring and summer 2019
photo: eataly instagram

Always Be On The Look Out For A Perfect Photo Op

Ever wonder why so many companies and influencers reside in New York? They want to seize the opportunity to really liven up their Instagram feed and increase their media impressions! With so much to do in the city, you should take every opportunity to go see new art exhibits, experience fully immersive pop ups, and visit some of the countless restaurants in the city that create seasonal spaces and menus. New York is always full of inspiration, and you never know what sort of unique ideas you can draw from visiting these artistic spaces. 

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