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Social Media and PR: The Dynamic Duo

Cory HawthornePublic Relations (PR), Social Media

Having a solid social media marketing strategy is more critical than ever. With the average user spending a whopping 2.5 hours on social media a day, there is a massive opportunity for companies to amplify their messages and strengthen PR efforts.

Traditionally, press releases have been shared through news outlets, emails, and company websites, but now businesses can use social media platforms to creatively communicate to their audience on a larger scale.

At AMP3, we work with each of our clients to conceptualize and implement a tailored social media strategy on all platforms (including Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, to name a few) that is consistent and in line with their business PR plan.

We execute these social strategies through content creation, data analysis, blogger outreach, and seeding, as well as collaborations with social media influencers.

When PR, marketing, and social media efforts are aligned, businesses can create a cohesive brand image for themselves instead of leaving it up to public opinion.

Here are 5 ways companies can use social media to elevate their PR strategies:

Create a Friendly Community to Talk to Customers and Clientele

Social media allows businesses to create a casual environment for their customers to engage with the company directly, create organic conversations around the brand, and share their personal experiences and connections with other fans or like-minded followers. Creating an online community helps foster the relationship between a brand and its customers on a deeper level. 

Example: A fashion brand posted a photo of one of their most popular blouses and received a glowing comment that said, “I absolutely love this blouse! I wore it to my birthday dinner and got so many compliments!”.

The company then “Liked” the customer comment and responded, “Thank you! We’re so glad you liked it. Happy belated birthday!”

Engaging in conversation and acknowledging specific details is a great way for companies to show that they care about their customers and value their connection to the brand.

Take Charge of a PR Crisis

social media and pr

Sometimes companies experience “PR Fires” that can cause internal chaos and panic. Luckily, because of the immediateness of social media, it is possible to control the narrative and get in front of the situation.

Using social media platforms as a method of communication also allows companies to be their voice and publish an immediate response to address the public directly. 

Example: A video of a chain store altercation between a customer and staff member went viral on social media, and internet users threatened to boycott the company.

In response, a statement is released directly to the public on all of their social media channels, addressing the issue and detailing their plan of action. 

Sometimes social media doesn’t always work in favor of a business. When a situation like the one above arises, it is essential to use social platforms to amplify the response to the issue in a timely but thoughtful manner.  

Make Announcements

Word travels faster than ever in the digital world with the ability to share and send content with quick ease. Social media is an excellent tool for announcing product launches, upcoming events, or important updates.

Example: A speaker company is set to release a new product in 2 weeks. In the time leading up to the launch, they post teasers and small bits of information to their platforms to engage consumers, generating awareness, and create buzz around their product launch. 

This approach helps the consumer understand what the company is releasing and ask questions while creating excitement and generating conversation around the upcoming launch. 

Showcase Positive Consumer Feedback

Leveraging brand advocates is a great way to show an audience that a brand can be trusted. By sharing positive reviews, messages, and user-generated content, companies are not only demonstrating their value but showing their audience that they are genuinely interested in what their consumers have to say.

Example: A luxury hotel received a direct message from a customer stating, “I stayed at your hotel for my honeymoon, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Our room was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and the staff ensured we had everything we needed. Thank you!”

It is easy for a company to advocate for itself, but a consumer testimonial or review adds an extra layer of authenticity.

By sharing positive feedback, it establishes a sense of trust among your audience and can increase the likelihood of others also trying the product or service themselves. 

Social Media and PR

Working with Influencers

Like we mentioned above, using social media to share positive client testimonials is a great way to establish brand trust.

Another way to do that is by finding influencers to represent your brand so that they can share your product or service with their audiences and generate additional brand awareness.

Unsurprisingly, 49%1 of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when purchasing, making it an essential part of any social media or PR strategy so that you can broaden the exposure of your brand to potential customers.

Example: A new organic skincare company contracted three beauty and wellness influencers to test, review, and post about the brand’s signature facial serum. The brand also contracted them to be able to use the Influencer photos on the brand page.

After the Influencer posted their review and images the company received an influx of new profile views and followers. The brand also posted the images on their own social media channels after which customer comments mentioned that they had also seen one of the influencers using the product. As a result, the customer decided to purchase! 

Influencer collaborations not only act as a viral review but also help influence untapped audiences’ buying decisions. 

It can seem daunting for many companies to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies and work seamlessly with their PR team. Luckily, agencies like AMP3 specialize in developing a game plan of success for companies that need expert advice.

At AMP3, we match our clients with the right social strategy and influencers who help bring their products and services to life authentically. 



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