How To Leverage TikTok For Business

How Businesses Are Leveraging TikTok

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How Businesses Are Leveraging TikTok

We have all witnessed the popularity of TikTok skyrocket since the beginning of the pandemic and there are no signs the social media app will lose relevancy anytime soon.

Some experts say TikTok is so saturated with content that a wide number of users are considering it the modern-day search engine. Although it is a controversial opinion across generations, there is no denying that TikTok plays a significant role in setting trends across the world.

So what does that mean for businesses that have been funneling their dollars and efforts into veteran platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook? Is it time for companies to hop onboard the TikTok wagon and tap into the undeniably massive pool of potential consumers?

For some major brands, the answer is yes. But like any platform, the key to success is creating content that resonates with as many users as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean brands should make a business profile and participate in every social media trend or viral dance trend that sweeps the nation. It means creating a specific social media marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and is relevant to your TikTok audience.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of TikTok our social media experts have put together a few tips to follow when creating your strategy.

Be Real, Not a Robot

Similar to the Instagram algorithm, content on TikTok is ranked by its originality and how it performs in its immediate and similar audience. However, the general consumer has become much savvier in deciphering authentic content vs content that is aimed to solicit sales. As such, they’ve become jaded by the constant barrage of mega-influencers and perfectly curated photos, and consider TikTok as more of a trusted source where they can genuinely relate to friends, non-influencers, and everyday real people. While Instagram tends to show the highlight reel of living an amazing life, TikTok is all about sharing & helping others actually live a better life with tips, tricks, hacks, cautionary tales, things to do etc. For the best results, we recommend creating content that provides value to your audience’s life without seeming too corporate or pushy for sales. The more authentic the content, the better!

Hashtags Are Vital

One important thing to keep in mind when making your TikTok strategy is how users are being introduced to content. The “For You” tab, also known as the discovery page on other apps, displays videos that are similar to the content viewers have liked in the past. The “Following” tab compiles videos that are shared by the accounts a user is currently following.

How Businesses Are Leveraging TikTok

Therefore when brands are looking to engage untapped audiences utilizing hashtags is critical so the algorithm can appropriately suggest the content to interested and active users. Therefore, to ensure your brand’s videos are showing up in users’ feeds, we suggest choosing five hashtags– three that are specific to your niche and two that are trending.

Going Viral Doesn’t Always Mean Success

TikTok is definitely a platform where you can’t predict virality, but that’s also not the most important thing, because often through mass exposure you gain an influx of followers who aren’t interested in the content you typically post. In our opinion, it is better to focus on a slow build where you post consistently and build a following that connects with your content so that you can have true engagement and continue to grow.

When working with a client we measure success based on engagement, growth, and of course ultimately website click-through & sell-through of specific lifestyle products. If a client or AMP3 influencer’s post happens to go viral we always analyze the factors that may have contributed to its success and implement them in the content strategy when it is applicable. 

Don’t Want To Dedicate A Whole Profile to TikTok? Try Influencer Marketing.

Not every brand needs a business profile on TikTok, especially if your brand is more buttoned up and serious. Luckily, influencer partnerships are the perfect workaround. When working with clients on a campaign we always pitch nice specific TikTok influencers as a social media marketing strategy. This way brands can gain exposure to a new audience without having to dedicate a full profile to the platform.

For example, our client, QC NY Spa on Governor’s Island currently only has an Instagram and Facebook profile, however, after inviting both macro and micro-influencers to create TikTok reviews of the spa we have seen an incredible amount of visitors who organically post their experience after resonating with an influencer video.

Should Your Business Leverage TikTok?

To sum things up TikTok is a platform all businesses should consider when creating a social media strategy. Whether you decide to take the full plunge and create a business profile, or partner with influencers to bring awareness to your brand, the platform is here to stay and definitely worth putting on your radar. Not sure which route to take? Schedule a call with us and we can help you choose the strategy that’s right for you.

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