Top 3 Common Social Media Mistakes Brands Make (Part 2 of 3) [Video + Resources]

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Social media has played a major role in the modern evolution of traditional PR, marketing, and consumer relations. Established brands and emerging brands alike are starting to realize the power behind social media but sometimes use outdated practices that are no longer relevant.

One of the leading misconceptions is that sales driven content, referred to as branded content, is the only kind that will grow your business.

In this second installment of our #Amplified 3-part series “Top 3 Common Mistakes Brands Make,” we tackle the branded content misconception.

Branded content is purely sales-driven through either copy or imagery and can feature photos of your product or speak to your service, all with the intention of driving sales and promoting your product further.

While this type of content is important to both you and your audience, sooner or later it will become ineffective and your social media channels will plateau or decrease in all measurable metrics.

This is where non-branded content comes in. Balancing your social channels with a mix of branded and non-branded content will not only provide your customer with additional information about your brand but will expand on your “personality” as a company.

For example, if you are a jewelry designer from Austin, TX, your non-branded content can feature photos of delicious local food, skyline shots of downtown Austin, or simply photos that speak to who your customer is. Posting compelling lifestyle content not only attracts like-minded followers but expands your reach into other markets, and your growing audience has more of a reason to come back to your pages, creating brand interest and loyalty.

Ultimately, finding the balance between the two is what will give you the most success on your social media platforms. With great content comes great responsibility, posting will not be enough to maintain success.

In our next video, Part 3, we’ll be discussing another important area where brands can go wrong: engagement. If you missed Part 1, don’t fret you can view it here.

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