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10 Place To Find Love in NYC

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As any single New Yorker knows, even in this huge city it can feel lonely sometimes, and even worse, it can feel impossible to just meet someone in an organic way.  The answer everyone gives you when you bring this topic up is, “Have you tried online dating?”. But what if you don’t want to depend on the internet to make you a love match?  Our friends at Refinery 29, with some help from professional Matchmaker Amy Van Doran, have made 10 recommendations on where to find love in this big city we call home.  For all the single ladies and gentleman in NYC, this post is for you.

1. A Basketball Game: Well this feels like a “Duh” moment. Matchmaker Van Doran says basketball games in particular are the perfect spot to meet a man. “People ask me where the dudes are- they’re at the Barclays Center” (or Madison Square Garden), she says. You’ll both be with friends, which will make it less intimidating and the game itself will be a great conversation starter. And guys, basketball games are a great place to meet gals that are either into basketball or are on the prowl.

2. CultureFix: This LES hot spot has a nice neighborhood feel and a quality beer list that attracts craft-brews lovers.

3. Brooklyn Oenology: This Williamsburg wine bar offers a cozy environment, good unpretentious ambiance, helpful staff, and a huge drink list. The perfect place to get to know someone new.

4. The Heath: This stylized restaurant and the same venue as Sleep No More is perfect for an evening of amazing food and potential intrigue.  You can also head up to the rooftop bar Gallow Green for some outdoor ambiance.

5. Volunteering: If you’re looking for someone who cares about the community and gives back, this is a great option for you. You also won’t have to make an obvious move, as you’ll be working on a project together all day long.

6. 105th Street Dog Run (or any dog park): Everyone looks hot with a dog and dogs are a great excuse to start chatting. If he/she care’s about their dog, their probably mature enough for a relationship.

7. The People’s Improv Theater (and this one’s not for everyone): This one’s for those feeling brave, as it’s a great way to really get to know people and get comfortable with them very quickly. Improv classes also span over weeks, so you can make friends first and let it progress into more.

8. Brooklyn Boulders: This is a friendly low-key place and anyone that approaches you hear is automatically worth knowing.

9. Union Pool: Taco Truck, check. Live Summer Concerts, check. this hip Williamsburg haunt is a great place to meet cool like minded people. The weekends can be super busy though, so if you’re looking to really chat with people, come on a weekday.

10. The Wash House: Yep, it’s a laundromat in the East Village. BUT is also serves cold beer and grilled cheese sandwiches while you wait.  Only the most in the know people come here to do their laundry, and they’re definitely worth getting to know.

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