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AMP3 PR’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Mom

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No matter how old you get, or what you’ve done in life, you’ll never stop needing your mom. Mother’s Day has quickly approached, this Sunday, May 9th, to be exact, which means you only a few days left to secure the right gift that is equally as thoughtful as it is useful. You’ve probably (hopefully) began planning a thoughtful card or a bouquet of flowers, but if you still want to purchase something extra special, you’ll be happy to know that AMP3 PR’s brand partners have an amazing selection of Mother’s Day gift options for every kind of mom.

The OG


Unfortunately, DNA is only passed down, but you can still thank your mother for your good genes by (re)gifting her amazing jeans

Jeans are THE staple piece of every wardrobe, yet somehow finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit seamlessly is a challenge most of us face. In a denim market oversaturated with options, it’s easy to choose Wrangler when they’re made with stretch denim technology that securely hugs the figure all day long. Wrangler jeans are an oldie but a goodie, and just like a mother’s love, their quality and style stand the test of time. (You just earned bonus points for that symbolism.) Now, the next obstacle is to figure out her size…At the end of the day, whether you end up completing that challenge, or choose to play it safe with a basic tee or trendy jacket, Wrangler has high-quality wardrobe essentials that every mama will adore.

Woman wearing wrangler jeans, and wrangler shirt

The Life of the Party

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

What do Mother’s Day and Sunday have in common? Brunch! 

For the hard work, sacrifices, and countless days spread too thin, no one deserves a glass (or three) of champagne more than a Mom on Mother’s Day. Now, I am not a mother, but I know what I put my mom through on a daily basis is exhausting and I’m an adult! In my opinion, the best Mother’s Day gifts require her to actually sit back, relax, and enjoy herself for once. So take it up a notch! Show that dear old mother of yours how special she is by toasting a glass of Nicolas Feuillatte champagne!

Since the release of their first champagne in 1976, CNF has grown immensely. To put it plainly, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte is literally the #1 Champagne in France. Thankfully, the best isn’t accompanied by a hefty price tag. A bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut is comfortably sandwiched between affordability and luxury at a price point of just $37.99. Reasonable enough to not break the bank, but plenty grand for a special occasion like Mother’s Day. She did have to give up alcohol 9 months, just for you, after all.

champagne Nicolas Fuemante toast

The Au Naturel


In some cases, you “get it from your mama,” and in others, you’re the one giving it your mama, possibly as a new skincare routine. 

From cleansers to toners, to serums, to moisturizers, picking out the right products for anyone can be a bit tricky. TruSkin offers easy, accessible, advanced premium skincare that delivers remarkable results. Plus she’ll be reminded about her favorite child every morning and night! 

The Vitamin C serum specifically is continuing to grow in popularity with each day and stands out as the best selling face serum on Amazon. This bottle of (basically) witchcraft not only protects against future dark spots, but it reduces common signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles all while brightening and firming the skin. You’d think you would only be able to achieve those results with a luxury serum that costs over $200, but nope, Tru Skin Vitamin C serum is on sale for $20! Just because Mother’s Day is sneaking up this weekend doesn’t mean she has to know that you got your act together a few days before. Fortunately, you can count on Amazon Prime (as always) to have your items shipped and delivered within two days. 

Skincare serum

The ‘IT’ Mom


Want to take self-care one step further? If only you could give your mom the exact same beauty-tech treatments and products provided in celebrity spas….Oh, wait! You can! 

This Mother’s Day, give her the priceless gift of new-found confidence, with innovative beauty solutions that actually work. Only with a FOREO high-tech skincare device can you achieve the same dazzling feeling you get after visiting a premier world-class spa. They redefined the meaning of facial cleansing, transformed the way we mask and are making (microcurrent) waves in the beauty industry with their unique facial firming device. That’s right, a literal workout machine for our face. FOREO products go beyond standard facial cleansing by delivering the tightest, brightest, most energizing skin care results that you, and everyone else, will notice. 

Join the at-home spa revolution! It’s definitely a luxury buy, but an incredible “splurge” gift that is worth every single penny. Purchase each device individually or as a part of the discounted Mother’s Day bundles. 

Woman touching her face

Glitz & Glam

Glasses USA 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mother, mother-in-law, a new mom, or a mom-to-be, nothing says “eye love you” like a stylish new pair of glasses from Glasses USA. After all, it’s the one accessory that’s sure to get plenty of wear and is guaranteed to transform her into the coolest mom at the playground. 

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to shop hundreds of trendy, classic, and designer frames. It actually seems impossible to have too many pairs! Luckily, Glasses USA offers virtual try-on’s, so you can confidently match the perfect design with your mom’s own unique style. Plus, at the end of the day, if she wants an exchange, there is free shipping & returns. You literally have nothing to lose!

Woman wearing designer glasses

She’s Not a Regular Mom, She’s a New Mom


No matter if it’s her first time welcoming a baby into the world or her eighth, all mothers need to feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day.  These iconic matching sets from Ingrid and Isabel are the perfect way to celebrate her title as ‘mama’ with her new ‘babe!’ 

Of course, Ingrid and Isabel figured that Mother’s Day was too short of a time to fully admire each amazing quality of a mother, so naturally, they’re offering a 30% discount on everything all month long. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime mom-ment and get your hands on a variety of super cool styles and everyday essentials for every stage through the maternity and motherhood journey. 

Maternity outfit

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