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NYFW Trend Report Fall / Winter 2019

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Catwalk with Fasion Models

NYFW Reveals the Latest Trends for Next Season

New York Fashion Week just came to a close and left us all in awe of next season’s exciting new trends. NYFW only happens twice a year, and brings with it a huge wave of celebrities and influencers that decide what will dictate the realm of style for the upcoming months. It is critical to understand the world of the fashion elite because, as we all know, trends trickle down into every level of the consumer market. Whatever Gigi and Bella Hadid wear today, the masses will be recreating tomorrow. We searched through this season’s latest collections in order to round up the biggest trends of this year’s runways, and there are definitely some clear frontrunners.  

Purple: The Official Color of Fall/Winter 2019

Purple is the color of Royalty… and it also seems to be the must have color of the 2019 Fashion Week season. Looks like it’s time to hit the shops and restock your wardrobe with all different shades of purple, from light lavenders to bold and deeper hues. We are absolutely loving this color trend. Purple is a highly versatile color that is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression. It looks great in solid pieces, but can also be fun in different textures and prints. What is very clear to us, is that purple will definitely be making a huge appearance on the store racks this season, from Coach, Michael Kors, and even Zara (probably following closely behind). 

Winter Romance: Soft Prints and Ruffles

This trend really took NYFW by surprise. People don’t normally think “light colors and soft floral prints” when they think of the cold winter season… yet many designers really made it work. Honestly, we are wondering how this wasn’t a trend before… I mean Edwardian and Victorian romance is the perfect vibe for a chilly day (at least if you’re a bit dramatic and a have a soft spot for the work of Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson). Some may think this trend is a bit too reminiscent of “Little House on the Prairie”, but we think that styled with the right shoes and outerwear, you can certainly make this an amazing look. A good mix of soft and edgy (insert a leather jacket and ankle boots), makes for a perfect cold weather look. 

Disco Nouveau: The Return of the Sequin

We can picture Cher and Diana Ross shaking with excitement, because Disco Vibes are back with a bang! This season, we saw many influential designers attempting to make some major recalls to the era of roller boogie and Soul Train, and all that we can say is that disco isn’t dead after all. The 70’s are back and better than ever, with the sequin making a huge comeback. These looks are making us all wish that we were affluent New York City socialites who spend their evenings at Manhattan’s most exclusive rooftop parties. Amazing what a little sparkle can inspire… and paired with a faux fur coat, these ensembles would be the epitome of “Modern Diva Vibes”.

Flocks of Feathers

Birds of a feather flock together…. and we can say that the leaders of NYFW had that idea in mind when designing this season’s collections. Feathers aren’t for the weak minded or fashion traditionalists. This material is for the fashion risk takers, and will definitely make quite a dramatic statement on any garment. We have decided that it will surely be a must have in the season to come. Any slip dress or simple sweater can surely be elevated with a playful little feather trim… plus who doesn’t love the drama it creates when you move around in it. We can’t wait to see the world’s fashionistas ruffling some feathers with these looks!

Highlight of the Week

To end 2019’s NYFW Fall / Winter trend round ups, let’s talk about the highlight of the show… we are of course referring to the re-emergence of all things neon. This is a trend that has gone in and out of the spotlight more times than we can count. Every time it falls out of fashion, we swear that it is the last time we will ever buy anything the color of a highlighter or “we’re open” sign. With that said, we always end up eating our words when looks like this make their way down the runway. In terms of Fashion Trends, we predict neon green and hot pink fabrics in your closet’s future.

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