Another Successful Fashion Week for Nolcha!

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With the increasing popularity of the eco-friendly lifestyle and socially responsible business practices, it’s about time that the two have been combined in an unexpected industry: fashion. The various design labels that exhibited at the Nolcha Fashion Lounge this past week have made it clear that there is a lot of room for independent fashion brands in the industry, and a widening gap for eco-friendly design. While this is not the first event at which these exquisite creations have been shown, this year marks the launch of the e-commerce platform Six of the 19 designers at Nolcha were eco-friendly/sustainable, while all are independent labels using responsible production methods. Using sustainable materials, fair-trade principles, recycled metals and fabrics, as well as socially responsible production methods, the independent labels answer the demand for fashion that the consumer can feel good about. The designers present at Nolcha were: Abreu Rios, Adolfo Sanchez, Ailin, Alberto Parada, Bodyrock Sport, Chabahll, Courtesan Studio, Daniela Vlad, Eva Evanovich, Helicopter, Pitusa, Ricki L Designer Jewelry, Rey, Rudy Wolff, Room To Roam, Show Me Your Mumu, Tammam, Vivienne Pash, and The Art of EMJ.

We spent the day talking to the designers and really getting to know the stories behind the collections and some specific pieces. After numerous long chats, a little eves dropping, and a style tour, the passion that these designers have out into their designs became obvious. These entrepreneurs with such drive to change an industry combine all of their passion into their beautiful creations, and both designer and line shine with excitement and originality.

The style tour was a really great way to interact with the designers, while getting some style inspiration from celebrity stylist Jess Ziano. We went from booth to booth (trying some things on, of course) while Jess and the incredibly welcoming designers answered questions, offering great insight from styling to ethical sourcing of materials. The Pop-Up Showroom was a great way to invite people to participate in the style movement for socially responsible design and fashion. Nolcha Fashion Week’s advancement of social responsibility and independent design on the global scale is forward-thinking but still tangible to its audience today, which is why we love Nolcha!

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