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Out With The Old, In With The New

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With the end of summer comes the beginning of PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) season, I for one am glad that wearing white jeans is not an option anymore because when I put my white jeans away after Labor Day I also stashed the stress of trying to keep them spotless. More exciting though is the prospect of what lies ahead. Which trends will pop up new for the season, which will remain from last season, which will finally be put to rest, and the scariest of all these options, which fashion and beauty trends will resurface from the past?

New Trends:

In terms of what will take over everyone’s closets, we’re forecasting that self-tie ruffle pants, wide leg cropped pants, and a new take on denim jackets will continue from summer into the fall. Denim took a drastic turn for Spring/Summer 2018 with the mid-calf frayed look that ended up inspiring the wide mid-calf looks we commonly saw paired with platform sandals. Considering how prominent the flat platform sandals trend has already been in 2018, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see closed-toe shoes and boots follow this platform trend through the coming seasons.

Trends that will stop being trends:

From the runways of New York Fashion week, the trends that will most likely be put to rest sadly include a few of our personal staples. First off is the blanket scarf: warm, cozy and versatile, we’ll be sad to see these go (and we’ll secretly continue to use them when our office continues to crank the AC in December). With more and more focus being put on the infamous bootie, this year might also be the year to say goodbye to over the knee boots. And lastly, another one of our personal favorites that will most likely fade into the background are skinny jeans. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pair of skinny jeans just as much as the next girl; but with mid-calf frayed jeans taking over this year we think it’s safe to say that they have the spotlight now and skinny jeans will become less and less common in fashion circles. Of course, all of these are wardrobe staples because of their longevity and hopefully they will never fully fade away.

What will remain from last year:

We have to admit we’re glad some trends haven’t expired yet because we can’t bear to part with certain items just yet. These include small backpacks, body suits, high waisted jeans, and cropped sweaters. As usual pointed mule pumps, flats, and boots will be everywhere, we just have to wait and see if a new form of the pointed shoe takes over this year the way pointed ballet flats took over the last few years.

What is going to come back from the past:

As a team that has a lot of love for the 90s, we might be jumping the gun here but we have a feeling that we will be recycling some of the most versatile items from the end of the 20th century. Among the looks are all black leather boots with a chunky heel, silk scarves (which was only reconfirmed by the runway during New York fashion week at the Tory Burch and Richard Quinn shows), an adaptation of the men’s jacket we know and love into women wearing oversized double breasted blazers, and of course animal print is back (And yes, we mean every type of animal print imaginable)!! Yes, cheetah print will never fully go out of style but it seems we’ve come full circle and might even see more animal print inspired coats.

Personal Predictions from the AMP3 team include:

Rachel Oliva Valdes, Account Executive:

What fashion trend will remain from last year?

– Probably tracksuits and colorful sunglasses 

What will stop being a trend?

– Clear everything (boots, pants, etc.) 

What will be a new trend?

– Blanket coats! 

What will resurface from the past/be recycled?

– Romantic vintage-style dresses

Ashley Lutzker, Sr. Account Executive and Lead Publicist:

What fashion trend will remain from last year?

– Boyfriend jeans

What will stop being a trend?

– Millenial pink 

What will be a new trend?

– Mixing prints 

What will resurface from the past/be recycled?

– Plaid, Plaid, Plaid!

Megan Reeves, Account Executive:

What fashion trend will remain from last year?

– Mules and thigh high boots

What will stop being a trend?

– Possibly culottes

What will be a new trend?

– All beige 

What will resurface from the past/be recycled?

– Headbands/head wraps

We’re definitely excited to see how the new season and rest of the year pan out with trends and we’re pretty sure we won’t be giving up some of our favorites like our tried and true black skinny jeans and those blanket scarves we love so much.  In the spirit of a new season though, we can’t wait to start trying out some of these new trends and incorporating them into our existing wardrobes.

This post didn’t cover men’s fashion, but don’t worry guys, you can consult GQ’s list of must haves if you’re wondering what will be the new hot items in menswear this fall: https://www.gq.com/about/fall.

As always, if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, make sure to engage with us on twitter using #amp3blogthoughts. We would love to hear your predictions for the coming season’s trends!

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