What is art? Are we art? Is art art?

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I do not understand art.

Perhaps that should be rephrased as “I do not understand (modern) ‘art.'”

There are certain standards of beauty which have been examined from a scientific sense, dealing with symmetry and ratios, and I can understand that. There are standards of beauty that come along with cultural preference, and again, that’s understandable. Then there is always personal preference. To me, as someone that cannot confidentially draw a stick figure, I think art is completely dependent on one’s ability to express emotion.

The best artists, I find, are the ones that unabashedly put themselves on the canvas without ramifications of what their art might represent. I also believe that part of my struggle in understanding art (and not just paint and oils art, but all art) is that I’ve never had a muse, I’ve never felt hero-worship for someone(s), I’ve never allowed myself to to be vulnerable to someone else’s inspiration. It makes me feel like I’m missing out, but lack of understanding doesn’t mean lack of appreciation.

I love all types of art, regardless of whether or not I “get” it. So long as it makes me feel something, I’m usually pretty contented. But maybe my lack of understanding (modern) art comes from the fact that art is hard to pin down.

Beloved “Saved By the Bell” character Lisa Turtle said it best: What is art? Are we art? Is art art?

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