There’s a Rebellion Coming, and It’s Coming For the Penguins

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I usually find my blog fodder from or one of the Gawker Media affiliates or Digg (which is where I usually first find postings from the aforementioned outlets), but I’m writing today to introduce you to a new personal favorite: <Expletive> You, Penguin.

(ed. Yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve, and maybe a warmer, fuzzier post would be in order, but if you go to the blog and check it out, you’ll realize that my introducing you to it is actually your Christmas present.)

Now, I love adorable pictures and videos of adorable animals.  I also love snarky blog entries written in the second person.  <Expletive> You, Penguin combines those two loves into one hilarious blogspot, ripe for visual enjoyment AND mental stimulation.

Just a short and sweet post for your happy holiday enjoyment.

Jackie for

PS: Don’t make the mistake my friends and I did last year when we let the dog get into the eggnog.  Yes, it’s funny watching a drunken Labradoodle meander around, but cleaning up the mess she left behind just wasn’t worth it.


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