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Sure, I can write a great rant.  But can I be as gosh-darn witty in 140 characters?

If you want to find out, follow me on Twitter at JackieBrook (

And, while we’re plugging interesting writing and people…

Check out one of AMP3 family blog:

Follow Alyson Campbell as she plays a citywide game of connect the dots, interviews intriguing people, and shows just how small this big city really is.  You can also follow her via Twitter at AlyAMP3 (

Termeh Mazhari’s New York Buzz will keep you up to speed on AMP3 clients, as well as other interesting folks worth knowing.  Food, music, nightlife, and beyond, New York Buzz will tip you off and clue you in to all the things you need to know about New York.  

For a quick hit, you can now track Termeh on Twitter, too (say that ten times fast, then follow her at

Lastly, while I’ve still got your attention, feel free to email in questions or topics you’d like to see us blog about.  

Half the battle is getting inspired, so help a blogger out (Peter Shankman would want you to…) 


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