Looking Forward to Looking Back: 2009 in Advanced Retrospect

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I don’t know how I feel about astrology and numerology.  I’m torn between destiny and free will.  I mean, isn’t there a certain degree of freedom that comes from accepting no personal responsibility for, well, anything?  I mean, if your life path was written in the stars, then clearly it was beyond you to change the direction you were headed in.

I mean, if Bernard Madoff actually thinks he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting off on the insanity plea (which, apparently, he does since it look s like that’ll be his defense), then anything’s possible, right?

Well, in my search for some of the web’s best predictions for 2009, I came across a numerology site.  I input all my information in order to get my free reading, and here’s the crux of what it stated:

My life path is a 9.  That means that I’m “deeply spiritual” and have displayed a “deep interest in religion and the occult at a very early age.”  The emphasis of my life path is to find ways to communicate the divinity of man in a practical context.  I’m “selfless” and have a “good connection with God.”  I’m likely to join a cult or “become fanatical in the religious sense.”  I’m also lucky enough to think my life is “more difficult than others.

My expression is a 3.  That means my “self-expression” peaks when I believe others are “being high on life” like I am.  I’m fated to entertain others.  I’m “imaginative in every way possible.”  I am “grand” and this is visible in my “mannerisms and speech.”  My natural dexterity makes learning and playing music easy.  I love philosophy and rarely take anything that happens in life personally.  I get into many complex emotional situations.  I make a permanent first impression.

My soul urge is a 6.  That means I’m very maternal and often play the role of advisor or therapist in my social life.  I’m more often perceived as a friend than as an “object of desire.”  Part of my “challenge in life” is learning how to make myself more “sexually attractive to others.”  People are turned off by my “dogmatic approach.”  I’m sensitive and compassionate and take things very personally.  The “highest calling’ of my soul urge number is to “renounce sex and relationships altogether and devote [my] life to religious or spiritual practice.”

Well, I really couldn’t think of a less accurate description of myself if I tried.  I mean, sure, there were some bright points, such as me having grand mannerisms and speech (I lost a bet while at summer camp once that I couldn’t make it from Revelry to Taps without gesticulating and I lost.  I had to let he other girls dress me ridiculously the next time we met with the boys).  I also have a tendency to play armchair therapist.  But beyond that, this whole thing was bunk.

Perhaps if I was willing to spring for a “real” reading, something more profound would have come up, but being a 20-something gal, working in Public Relations and living in New York City is not conducive to a life that’s religiously or spiritually dedicated to divine practice.

Anyway, my hunt for predications continued, and I quickly saw that everything was grim.  And that’s REALLY disconcerting considering the fact that people had worrisome predictions for this year and things wound up worse than expected.

Technological, Political, Environmental, Social, Entertainment, Physical, Economical, etc.: all the predictions are crappy.

That’s why I’m already planning on looking forward to looking back.  2010 is automatically better than 2009 because it’s not 2010.  That is, until it’s December 29, 2009 and the outlook for 2010 is grim.  Then I’ll be looking forward to 2011.   See the pattern?

We have a year of challenges ahead of us; there’s no doubt in that.   And rather than spend my time in fear, I choose to let my excitement grow, as every day we successfully get through during the hard year to come is one less we’ll have to go through in the future.

It’s an atypically sunny disposition for me to take towards the matter, but I think enough people are anticipating the worst that there’s no sense in me harping on bad news that hasn’t even come…

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