Let’s Hope My ESP Brings Me a Good 2009

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing minor bouts of ESP, such as hoping a certain episode of “Will and Grace” will be on (and it was!) or predicting the first number to be called in a series of lotto numbers (and it’s happened before, and I have a witness!).

I don’t know where it comes from, since I don’t really get “hunches,” and as I’ve already examined, the fates don’t really explicitly work for me.

But at the start of 2009, one of my first (if not the first) conversations—a minor moving snafu and some police interaction notwithstanding—was about, of all random things, the Muppets.

And it was a good conversation; thoughtful and charming, with a hint of sarcasm.  Did the original Muppets each represent a deadly sin (Oscar the Grouch = Wrath, Cookie Monster = Gluttony, Bert and Ernie = Lust, Miss Piggy = Pride, etc…)?  Why could only Big Bird see Snuffleupagus?  While waiting for our 4pm breakfasts at the diner, these matters were debated in earnest.

You know what was also up for discussion just then?

An article on MentalFloss.com about the stories behind 20 Muppet favorites!

Now, this may seem like a paltry coincidence, but c’mon.  Muppets?!  There couldn’t possibly be a more asinine thing to discuss.  And to be discussing Muppets on the same random day that an in-depth article is written about them?  Which is also New Year’s Day, a day in which everyone has better things to be doing than talking about Muppets?

Getting to my point (and yes, I have one): if I’m actually able to predict what will happen or possibly influence what will happen merely by wishing/discussing it, then 2009 will be my year.

Hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Year’s!

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