It was only a matter of time…

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It’s interesting to see how one political scandal and one MySpace page can turn an unknown “singer” into a sensation over night.

Ashley Alexandra “Kristen” Dupre capitalized on her noteriaty by putting her music on MySpace and Amie Street.  What Governor Spitzer’s call girl shrewdly understood was that social media sites were a breeding ground for an interest in music.

And while she’s not the first “artist” to showcase her “talents” using Web 2.0 (look at Tila Tequila—she got a television show out of her page), a social media site that addresses the need to discover and present underground talent is bound to be the next wave in networking entertainment.

It’s no surprise then that a site like is taking it’s time to pull together the best site possible before hitting the mainstream.   Any site that’s going to legitimize themselves as a music-related social network has to.  And there are sure to be other sites that follow suit (there wouldn’t be Facebook without MySpace without Friendster, etc), but it’s definitely time for there to be some sort music-based social network where people like Spitzer’s call girl can bestow their (marginal) singing abilities to people beyond those who just happen to check out their page.

So, the next time a politician has some extramarital indiscretion, don’t be surprised if instead of paying $.98 on Amie Street for a “talent’s” mediocre single you can find it for free in one of RipLounge’s interactive party rooms playing on a DJ’s playlist, or on any other site that plans to capitalize on this burgeoning market.

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