Amanda Dolan Rocks It… Again.

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Her art show may be winding down, and she may never want to see pink again (which is incredibly doubtful), but Amanda Dolan is hotter than ever, and we here at AMP3 aren’t afraid let that be known.

After a week of interviews, Amanda’s most recent one was a 45 minute interview, which you’re lucky enough to catch archived here.

At 10am this morning I forewent my cup of coffee (which typically includes 3 shots of espresso), and while I was ripe to not want to be in the mood for cheeriness, Amanda made me smile (though, I have to attribute a lot of that to her dog, Pearl, and the stories Amanda tells about her), even though I was jealous that she was still in bed.

All in all, her BlogTalk with Rachel Dickson interview is definitely a must-listen, and with all the moves she’s making, you’d be lucky to say, “I heard her when…”

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