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Opinion by Jackie Brook, post arch.ived Oct 29 2017

My blog postings here at AMP3 are on a relative scale, ranging from “Mildly Informative” to “Pure Rant.”

I’ve tried hard to steer clear from the latter because, well, most people who fly off the handle on the internet aren’t worth being read anyway.

However, while looking for my weekly blog stimulation on Digg, I came across an article that boiled my blood:  12 Awesome 80’s Movies That Are Perfect.

Now, I consider myself quite the 80’s aficionado.  Not so much that I’d go on “Rock of Love” for a shot a Bret Michael’s, but enough to love the music, adore (and often still wear) the clothes, and swear by the teachings of its movies.

The list of movies, which was clearly written by guys (and I’ll happily be proven wrong if someone from the DoubleViking.com staff wants to correct me), does not list all the 80’s movies that are perfect.  In fact, it doesn’t come close.  Here’s there list, then I’ll happily fill in the blanks:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Repo Man

Top Gun

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The Princess Bride

Coming to America

Die Hard

Transformers: The Movie

GI Joe: The Movie


The Thing

The Lost Boys

 Now, I have to agree with a fair amount of those on the list.  I’m not even looking to argue that these aren’t perfect (in one respect of the other).  But there are others that I believe—and believe others would agree—should have been included on their list, if not bumping some of these off the list.   And they are:

 First and foremost, anything from the Brat Pack…

 How is it possible that “The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Pretty in Pink,” or even (my personal favorite) “St. Elmo’s Fire” left off the list?

Beyond that, there’s:

Back to the Future

Beverly Hills Cop




Big Trouble in Little China


Bull Durham


A Christmas Story

Field of Dreams

A Fish Called Wanda



The Goonies



Little Shop of Horrors

Private Benjamin

Real Genius

Say Anything


The Shining


This is Spinal Tap

Stand By Me


Teen Witch

Teen Wolf

Troop Beverly Hills

The Untouchables

Wall Street

War Games

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

And that’s an incomplete list, at best…

What were the criteria that set the above 12 apart from some of the (clearly) better options listed after?

So often, people will rag on the 80’s, but so many advances were made, and so many niches were filled that it’s almost impossible to narrow a list of “perfect” movies down to 12.  And if it were to be done, it shouldn’t only be male-driven action-slanted movie since those weren’t the only perfect ones…

Jackie for AMP3pr.com

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