Top 3 Things To Know Before Getting Into PR

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Is the Public Relations Field Right For You?

Public relations can be a misunderstood profession, often confused with its partner industries: marketing and advertising. But PR is really the middleman between these two areas. It is a creative field filled with many of its own nuances. If you’re considering a career in the public relations field, here are the top three things we think you should know before you begin.

Learn the art of storytelling

PR is all about storytelling. It’s about pitching/selling your brand to the media, and the best way to do this is by telling the brand story. Publicists know how to work with a brand’s image and help tell their truth, purpose, and vision with just the right words. If you consider yourself a writer, this is a great profession for you. If you are a little rusty on the grammar, practice makes perfect!

Communication is Key

Every publicist knows that their network is their driving force. Knowing the right contacts in the right market will help publicists in their outreach for any client campaign. You can practice building up your network by going to networking events, following up with people you’ve just met, or scheduling a coffee date with someone you really hit it off with at a party. It’s all about engagement and making purposeful connections.

Look the part

Whether you are a publicist at a fashion, technology, or beauty agency, always remember to look the part. As a fashion & lifestyle PR company, our employees tend carry themselves with a chic and stylish flair. When you’re meeting with potential clients, you want them to see from the start that you’re immersed in the industry.

We hope this helps you in your journey to becoming the best publicist you can be!


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