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We are super excited about our newest music/tech client,–the world’s never ending electronic music festival!

Essentially, Mixify is an interactive live-streaming platform where DJs can broadcast into virtual venues to fans around the world. DJs can stream their sets from physical events (like festivals), or release pre-recorded mixes, which EDM fans can enjoy from anywhere, anytime. The experience is a social one for the fans, and gives DJs new opportunity in the areas of: fan engagement, real-time analytics, and monetization.

Mixify beta-launched in July (2012) and had 200,000 uniques in the first month. On November 14th, Mixify will officially peel off the beta logo, with a hard launch of the new iteration of their site.

To celebrate, Mixify will be hosting the first ever worldwide digital music festival, aptly named “UNITY Digital Music Festival” on the platform (Nov 14-16). It will include 3 days worth of live DJ programming from around the world. The Crystal Method is headlining the live event along with 3LAU, DJs From Mars, and Adrian Lux. DJs from at least 5 continents will participate (North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia), and co-curators of the 3 day line-up include: Digil0ve, The Drop, Electro Italia, Electronica Oasis,, Fist In The Air, Party Legacies, Run The Trap, Trance Hub and The Untz. The festival’s name was crowd-sourced by the Mixify community, and a contest has launched for two emerging DJs to earn their spot on the bill.

For more information, check out For press inquiries, contact Alyson(AT) or 646-827-9594.

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