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We’ve just added, a new tech startup based out of Toronto, Canada to our clientele! Our New York office will be providing all agency services for this account.

Essentially, EverydayActors is a web app that connects creators of video content (like: Ad agencies, PR firms, filmmakers, web designers, social media agencies or brands themselves and other technology companies) with willing “everyday actors”. Think: iStockPhoto, but with a specific application just for video.

For the CREATIVE, this is a tool that allows them to search the database and find exactly who they need based on meta and keywords (for example, based on location, gender, age, ethnicity, special features and style like “geek chic”) and negotiate the gig direct. The site doesn’t take any kind of back-end % or charge a fee, making it really attractive on the agency-side to use this service often.

For the ACTOR, this is a low-effort way to get fun gigs and make extra income on the side. Actors just have to create a profile, upload some photos or video, and wait to be matched up and contacted! This is not necessarily for those with Hollywood aspirations, for for “everyday” types who would be willing to be on camera and are interested in making supplementary income.

The sole revenue model is a $20 annual subscription on the actor side , a structure they have put in place to ensure the seriousness/willingness and quality of the everyday actors who participate.

To sign up, visit


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