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A.R.T. launches the Art-Rethought BLOG

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This week, Donald Rattner, architect and founder of A.R.T. (a storefront for customizable modular art) has launched a new art and design blog: Art-Rethought.

“Henry Ford, move over – the New Industrialism is here. Mass customization, modular design, co-creation, robotics, production on demand, open innovation and other computer-driven technologies are changing the way things are made all over the globe. Inevitably they’ll change the fields of art and design too – not only how work is produced, but how it’s thought about. In fact, the shift has already begun. Our goal is to show you how.” –Donald Rattner

The Art Rethought Blog is a destination where Rattner will explore and illustrate how digital innovations in manufacturing are impacting art and design.  The blog will feature product reviews, interviews, events, and opinion pieces in the art, architecture, industrial / interior design and fashion fields.

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