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Regency Era to Modern Day: How Netflix Hit Series “Bridgerton” is Influencing Summer Fashion Trends.

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Looking back at this time last year, no one could have predicted that we would spend nearly the entire year drowning in a sea of monochrome sweatsuits and athleticleisure. Of course, wearing slippers and hoodies every day was amazing for a few months, but if you’re anything like me, the spark of excitement only went so far. Especially in a Groundhog Day type of situation, I’m sorry. 

Much-needed outfit inspiration was in short supply and those who once turned to their favorite celebrities or influencers for fashion tips, began to reminisce how life once was, before everyone wore loungewear 24/7. Just as anyone would do, inspo-starving fashionistasm,  ran as far as they could from (and in) their sweats and tuned into the hit netflix series, Bridgerton, for a total feast for the eyes. 

From fabulous over-the-top colorful dresses to steamy romance scenes to wildly elaborate backdrops, you could say Bridgerton has been turning some heads since its release last December. Unsurprisingly, the obsession is still very real. The popularity of the 1800s style seems to have transferred from the small screen to the wardrobes of fashion-forward fans. Although it didn’t technically coin the term “regencycore” or “royalty core,” it absolutely helped push the style into the mainstream. 

Even though the show mostly revolves around extravagant gowns, you can easily incorporate these Bridgerton-inspired fashion pieces into your outfits and serve regencycore vibes all summer – Period! 

Bridgerton Kindle Book

The Corset Comeback 

As we’ve seen with Millennials vs Gen Z’s fashion dispute, it’s not abnormal for trends to recirculate from previous decades, even centuries earlier. After coming and going throughout women’s history since the 1500s, corsets are officially making their major comeback as 2021’s most viral fashion trend. Whilst it might seem like a big jump from the oversized, ultra-cozy outfits in 2020, corsets can be a surprisingly versatile addition to your everyday wardrobe. From layering over shirts to evening-ready dresses, to a statement piece on their own, it will immediately take your outfit to the next level. 

Bigger and Bolder Floral Patterns

Without a doubt, any floral pattern making an appearance around this time of year is indeed a cliche, but it’s time to tuck away those soft pastels and opt for something a little brighter this year. I’m talking vibrant, in-your-face neon colors and oversized, exaggerated print, true Featherington family style. You just may surprise yourself with how much it instantly boosts your mood. 

Did Someone Say Puff Sleeves? 

Puff sleeves are one of those fashion staples that continues to persevere through the ages, even dating back to the Regency Era. They were beloved in the 1980s and now they’re back with a slightly modern twist. They’re chic, they’re a bit playful, they’re a terrifying styling challenge. Whether big or small, the voluminous style of puff sleeves instantly creates a statement and makes even the casualist outfit feel fancy.

Going Soft with Pastel Colors

Unlike the bold colors worn by the Featheringtons, the Bridgerton family was often seen wearing gowns in a palette of dusty pastels, specifically, Daphne’s favorite, blue. These soft hues have already taken over Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards and are definitely on their way to becoming this summer’s biggest fashion trend. The versatility of the pastel color is what makes it a must-have. When it comes to age, gender, or body type, everyone can rock pastels with style.

XXL Accessories 

The level of dedication to luxurious accessories in Bridgerton is um…impressive. This really should come as no surprise because obviously, they’re…well…royal, but I swear I didn’t see a single lady without at least a feather, ribbon, or floral headpiece the entire show! For us “normal” people, hair clips, headbands, scrunchies, bobby pins, are making a “big” comeback this season. And by big, I mean, supersized and embellished in rhinestones and pearls. Luckily, there’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to accessorizing. Of course, I would rather rock a headband than bejeweled tiara myself, anyways. Tiaras aren’t as practical for everyday wear…or I at least keep telling myself that. 

P.S. I Glove You

This may be the bravest trend of the bunch, but if you’re looking to make a statement, this will fit you like a glove. 
Gloves are no longer restricted to being a wintertime necessity, or as a method of protection during a global pandemic. These old-school accessories are definitely going to have a moment this summer. In my opinion, the wide variety of glamorous glove styles worn by high-society Bridgerton ladies really stole the show. Whether they’re minimalist and silky, playful and sheer, or romantic and lacy, the series proved that not all gloves need to be functional. I will hand it to you though, gloves may not seem like the most practical item in a world run by smartphones, but they are guaranteed to add excitement to any ensemble. (We need to be off our phones more anyways.) If you’re not yet convinced, they would at least be a cute addition to your Instagram picture. Just saying.

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