How to Travel in Style or At Least Look Like It…

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While some took advantage of having way too much downtime to do something productive like learn a new language or take on a new skill, I spent the better part of the time fantasizing about my next getaway. I mean, how can you not?! Slashed airfares and dirt cheap hotel rooms made it quite intriguing….but the problem wasn’t whether to book a vacation or not, it was when. Over a year later, many restrictions are easing for those who are fully vaccinated, and we’re slowly beginning to return to life as we know it rather optimistically. Some of us haven’t gone beyond the 5-mile radius of our homes in so long, so this renewed sense of freedom is reflecting in the demand for summer travel. 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a honeymoon, or a road trip with the fam, vacations are the perfect time to rock those chic outfits that are more than deserving of a few Instagrams posts. While that’s hope, in reality, it can be difficult to look stylish when you’re traveling, thanks to a lack of sleep, wrinkled clothes, and the many things you just have to take with you. Sure you can travel in an entourage of suitcases, but the only thing I hate more than lugging a bunch of bags around is paying for those ridiculous airline fees. Successfully not overpacking and traveling with only one bag seems like a skill only professionals can do, that’s why we curated a list of easy-to-follow tips on creating and packing travel-approved outfits that are equal parts functional, comfortable, and stylish. 

Stage one: Plan Ahead

Planning in advance is the key to traveling with style. Before you even think about packing even one sock, you need to consider these important aspects: where you are going, why you are going, and what you will be doing. Obviously, you’re not going to want to pack shorts and a swimsuit to the mountains or heavy winter coats and turtlenecks to the beach. But packing for your destination goes beyond just packing for the geographical climate, it also means being aware of the cultural and political climate and who you’ll be traveling with, too. (Your outfits on a bachelorette party might be a little different than a business trip.)  Once you answer these questions,  you can start packing the right clothes, leave out non-essential items, and stop over-packing!

Less clothing, more outfits, less bulk.

“What-if” contingencies are the arch-nemesis of efficient packing. Unfortunately, we’re all guilty of it. For some travelers, packing light leaves your vacation filled with repeated outfits or forgotten items, but luckily, that doesn’t have to be true. The key to traveling in style is to keep it simple. Pack all items with the intention of wearing each item more than once. By capitalizing on the versatility of basics, you can mix and match a couple of items to create countless outfits. You can also easily layer pieces together to dress your outfits up or down to fit any occasion and combat unexpected temperature variations. You won’t believe how easy it is to do a lot with just a few interchangeable items! If an unexpected special occasion does happen to arise or you realize you have forgotten something, don’t fret. Just do the same thing that you would do if you were at home…Go Shopping! There’s always the opportunity to shop for souvenirs at your destination. Plus, it can be a fun way to fit in with the locals, as well as a nice memento to bring home with you. 

Clothes swap with your most stylish friends

Ever heard of the sisterhood of the traveling pants? One great way of keeping your travel wardrobe feeling fresh is to swapping pieces with friends. Coordinating who will bring what: she’s bringing shorts, okay you’ve got pants. That way you both can keep your wardrobes exciting without packing too much or spending any additional money. 

Stage 2: Pack Clever

So after a little turmoil and many outfits changes, you’ve finally figured out exactly what to wear on your trip. Whew. Now that the hard part’s out of the way it’s time to get packing! 

Wear the heaviest and/or bulkiest items on the plane

No, I don’t mean a Joey from friends type of situation where you wear all your whole wardrobe at once. Maybe it’s a chunky sweater, maybe it’s a pair of boots. Whatever the case may be, wear it on the plane to maximize your precious suitcase space. 

Pack organizers 

The difference between people who travel with style and those who don’t isn’t necessarily what they pack but how they pack. As a recovering over-packer, packing cubes have been the ultimate traveling tool that has changed the game. No matter how diligently you think you packed for a trip, as soon as you have to rifle through your suitcase looking for that dinner outfit you swore you packed right on the top, you’re dealing an annoying jumble of clothes. Packing cubes keep your clothes organized, compressed, and most importantly… wrinkle-free! Some people may organize by category, pairing tops in one bag, bottoms in another. Personally, I like placing 1-2 outfits in each bag, so I can instantly find what I need without having to dig through multiple bags. They’re also great for separating dirty laundry from clean items when you’re traveling. 

Utilize empty shoes 

No packing cubes? No problem. Never underestimate the value of shoes. Shoes can take up a lot of space in luggage, especially if you tend to bring 2 or 3 pairs. Slip rolled-up socks, undies, or whatever you can fit into your shoes, to optimize space and to keep the form of the shoes so the tops don’t get crushed inward. This hack works the same with pants and coat pockets!

Stage 3: Pick the right luggage

You now have everything you think you’ll need for travel, it’s time to invest in quality luggage that works best for you and your style. Depending on the destination, there are times when backpacks are better than wheeled bags and vise versa. One thing that is certain, however, is that you should not fly with all your eggs in one basket. Assuming that you’re checking your luggage, there is always a risk of your luggage getting misplaced. Plus, have you ever wondered how some people manage to stay looking fresh after a long exhausting trip?  Well, they come prepared. Always bring a carry-on with at least one day’s worth of spare clothes and a few other essential items like keys, sunglasses, gum, and headphones. To ensure you arrive at your destination as gorgeous as ever, a mini makeup kit that includes a small amount of moisturizing cream, liquid foundation, concealer, mascara, can be extremely beneficial too. You need a lot of space (nor do you have any on a plane) so I take a large, lightweight tote with everything in one spot.

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