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Heelys x Harlem Globetrotters Event Recap


Harlem Globetrotters Event

On November 5th, AMP3 hosted a media preview event for Heelys to showcase their new collaboration with the Harlem Globetrotters. The Heelys vision is to inspire kids to be active, explore their freedom, unleash the fun and be fearless – so the collab with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters was a no-brainer! Now, you can find the Harlem Globetrotters wheeling around during their shows in Heelys. 

Held at a basketball court at the Moxy Hotel in downtown NYC, guests were able to celebrate with members of the Harlem Globetrotters – Bull Bullard and Darnell “Speedy” Artis, while enjoying two private performances, light snacks and drinks, play a little basketball themselves, and check out both the new collab shoe, as well as others in the Heelys collection. Media from Footwear News, The Knockturnal, Earnshaws, and more, as well as influencers, stopped by the two hour event and were able to experience one-on-one time with both members of the Heelys team and the Globetrotters. 

Notable influencers included Brianne Manz, Angel Zheng, Geanine Cilenti, Cici Celia, Diego Leon, SJ Berman, Michelle Blashka, Liz Strom, Melanie Sutrathada, and Rachel Hope

What’s an event without gifting? After the event, each guest was sent home with a new pair of Heelys as well as Harlem Globetrotters branded sweat wristbands to channel their inner kid and Globetrotter.  

Shoe Launch

This new collab shoe, which launched on November 29th, garnered attention from various publications, from fashion press covering the unique shoes to parenting and family publications showcasing the brand’s vision. In addition to the brand focused press, the event inspired social coverage from both micro and macro influencers. There were a total of 55 stories and posts from attendees, resulting in a total potential reach of over 1M. 

The new shoe is now available in kids and adult sizing at Heelys.com for $60 (kids) and $65 (adults). It features the Harlem Globetrotters logo, their classic red, white and blue colors, and a fun basketball rubber toe inspired by the Harlem Globetrotter’s famous basketballs.

Heelys Collab Shoe
Harlem Globtrotters Heelys Event Launch
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How I Roll: Non-Profit Campaign

Heelys aren’t just shoes, they are an attitude, a way for kids to express themselves, and a way to push their own boundaries. That’s why the collaboration with the Harlem Globetrotters was much more than cross brand building, it was an expression of individuality. In response to this, Heelys has an anti-bullying school program they’ve launched with the Harlem Globetrotters and non-profit Young Minds Inspired, to encourage students to embrace their individuality as part of their “How I Roll” campaign.

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