Summer Beauty trends 2019

Summer 2019 Beauty Trends

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The Top Ten Hair and Makeup Trends For This Summer

Summer Beauty trends 2019

Makeup and beauty trends are always coming and going, so it is important to stay updated on to which trends you need to ditch, and which ones you need to hop on board with. In the age of beauty gurus, bloggers, and influencers, we are seeing a rapid adoption of pretty outrageous and creative beauty trends. What is particularly fun about this coming season is all of the exciting makeup trend “resurrections”. This summer will be full of that good old sense of nostalgia, as we are seeing some amazing blasts from the pasts. In contrast, we are also seeing some amazing futuristic inspired trends making an appearance in the latest editorial spreads as well. This summer really is a free for all, meaning you can take your pick of the hottest looks. 

Trend One: Gloss Is Back

Lip gloss beauty trend
Photo: Lust Gloss Instagram


This summer, we are traveling back in time. The year is 2004 and you have more than 10 different kinds of shimmered lip gloss, and it is truly your time to shine. For the past few seasons, it was all about having matte lips, but that trend has been replaced buy the massive comeback of lip gloss. This summer is all about looking as glowy and dewy as possible, lips included. This trend is really exciting, but be aware of windy days and avoid long hair sticking to that shiny gloss!

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Glossier: Lip Gloss

– The Colourpop: Ultra Glossy Lip

– The Bobbi Brown: Crystal Lip Gloss

– The Mac Cosmetics: Clear Lipglass

Trend Two: Sleek in Gel

beauty trends 2019
Photo: Sacheu instagram

Hair gel is being used in a new way this season, and it is the perfect way to get a super sleek look. It will have you looking like you just came straight from the beach, and it is a very simple and effortless look. This trend will have you looking red carpet ready in seconds, just take some hair gel and work it through your hair. A little goes a long way, just shake the product through your hair, give it a little flip, and you are ready to go!

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Bumble & Bumble: Bb Gel

-The Kendra: Styling Gel

-The R+Co: Strong Hold Gel

-The L’Oreal Paris: Studio Line Clear Minded Gel

Trend Three: Brushed Brows

beauty trends 2019
Photo: Glossier instagram


Brows have definitely become a point of importance when it comes to cosmetics in recent years. A strong defining brow can truly make your entire makeup look. Before, it was all about having a very sculpted and defined eyebrow, but recently, we have been seeing a more “natural” and “untamed” brow look on the runways this season. Eyebrows are gently filled in with a light pencil, and brushed upwards with a brow brush. To keep them groomed, a bit of brow gel goes a long way.

Some great products to achieve this look:

-The Glossier: Boy Brow

-The Anastasia Beverly Hills: Tinted Brow Gel

-The Maybelline: Brow Precise

– The Too Faced: Brow Quickie


Trend Four: Tint It

lip tint beauty
Photo: Frank body lip tint


For some, lipstick or gloss can feel a bit heavy for summer makeup, especially if you live in a warm or humid place. The perfect solution is using a light lip tint. Lip tints stain your lips for a few hours, giving you a light weight feel, and pretty much little to no rub-off. For the perfect look, top it off with your favorite lip balm and you are all set to go! Many lip tints are also usable on your cheeks, making it the perfect makeup to touch up on the go, so it’s a win win. 

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Frank Body: Cherry Bomb Lip and Cheek Tint

– The Nature Republic: Triple Mousse Tint

– The Sephora Collection: Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick

– The e.l.f. Cosmetics: Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain

Trend Five: Gilded in Gold

gold makeup
Photo: instagram jessi makeup



Golden hour is here, and the sunlight will have you absolutely glowing (with the right golden highlighter of course). Top off your dream summer tan with a gorgeous gold highlight to give you ultimate “kissed by the sun” look. This is a great way to top off your simple summer makeup routine. It will also make you look absolutely radiant in photographs, giving you serious credit on Instagram!

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Fenty Beauty: Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

– The Mac Cosmetics: Limited Edition Aladdin Gold Blush

– The Morphe: Highlighter in shade, Lit

– The Jeffery Star Cosmetics: Liquid Frost in Crown Jewel

Trend Six: Hair Scarfs

beauty trends 2019
photo: free people bandana scarf


Hair can be a bit fussy during the summer time. With the heat settling in, it can be a struggle to find ways to just keep hair out of the way. The perfect and trendy solution is getting yourself a few fun bandanas or silk hair scarves. This will really elevate your ponytail, messy up-do, or braid, making others wonder if you are a fabulous European traveller. It is a super quick and easy way to look chic and put together!

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Free People: Bandana ponytail Scarf

– The Anthropologie: Floral Hair Scarf

– The ASOS: Striped Hair Scarf

– The Zara: City Printed Scarf

Trend Seven: Bold Blush

beauty trends 2019
photo: Glossier Instagram


Last year was all about contouring and making your face look sculpted… but this summer is all about having soft rosy cheeks. You don’t have to be afraid with going just a little bit overboard with the blush this season. This pixie like look is really on trend and a really easy and simple way to look “done up” without really taking a lot of time. You can use either a powder blush, or a cheek tint for a more natural and glowy look. 

Some great products to achieve this look:

– The Glossier Cream Blush: Cloud Paint

– The Benefit Cosmetics: Cheek and Lip tint

– The Tarte Cosmetics: Amazonian Clay Blush

– The Colourpop: Super Shock Blush

Trend Eight: Clip It

beauty trends 2019
photo: sabrina faux pearl clip


It is time to get excited, because those fun and super girly hair clips that were in a few years ago (circa 2006)  are back and better than ever! Oversized, embellished hair clips are a great way to make a statement with your look this summer. They have been spotted coming down the runway, and in the pictures of Instagram’s most famous fashion influencers, so it is time to get some for accessories wardrobe and elevate your hair game. 


Some great products for this look:

– The Zara: Pack of Pearl and Jewel Hair Clips

– The ASOS: Pack of 2 Rose Pearl Clips

– The Forever21: Faux Pearl Snap Hair Clip

– The Urban Outfitters: Perfection Pearl Flip Clip

Trend Nine: Brown Lips Are Back

beauty trends 2019
Photo: LA Lady Lux Lipstick by Colourpop

This summer, we are really seeing an emphasis on the “all natural trend”. Nude palettes and earth tones are really taking center stage this season. While dark brown lipsticks are still usually reserved for the colder months, light and rosy brown lipsticks are definitely in this summer. Lighter brown and natural tones look great with rosy cheeks and sun kissed skin. It won’t leave you looking like you have “overdone it” with the makeup!

Some products to achieve this look:

– The Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: Lip Color in shade Brownie

– The Colorpoup: Blur Lux Lipstick in shade CA Love

– The e.l.f Cosmetics: Velvet Matte Lipstick in shade Blushing Brown

– The NARS Cosmetics: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in shade Bahama

Trend Ten: Bright Eyes

beauty trends 2019
Photo: Glossierplay instagram

While natural skin and dewy lips are in, you can still make a statement with your makeup look this summer with a bold eyeshadow or eyeliner color. This is a chance for you to have a little bit of fun and play with some unique colors. Electric blue eyeliner can really make a fun statement with any summer outfit. Brushing a little bit of hot pink eyeshadow on your lids and under eyes will really make them stand out. 

Some great products to achieve this look: 

– The Urban Decay: Moondust Eyeshadow Palette

– The Colourpop: Headliner Palette

– The Anastasia Beverly Hills: Riviera Palette 

– The Mac Cosmetics: Eyeshadow in shade Passionate 

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