What is PR?

What exactly is public relations? Everybody’s heard that saying that there’s no such thing as bad PR. The idea behind this phrase is that as long as you are getting your name out in front of people, you’ve succeeded, even if the context is negative. Well debating the merits of bad PR is a task for another day. Let’s start with general PR. What’s PR? The definition of PR, which refers to public relations, is to make sure a client’s newsworthy product or service is made known to the public via all possible mediums. Public relations, in managing the flow of information between groups, requires creativity, innovation, organization, hard work and communication. More specifically, classic pr actions include:

• Research
• Planning
• Communication
• Evaluation

This definition of public relations applies to any field of pr – music, fashion book, art, entertainment, product, lifestyle, etc. Networking, cultivating relationships with media professionals and keeping up-to-date with your clients and pop culture provide a fuller picture of the meaning of public relations.

AMP3 Public Relations is a boutique pr firm in NYC that offers media outreach, event planning and social media marketing services. AMP3 is not your typical pr firm.

• We guarantee personalized attention to all your needs.
• Our publicists are accessible and work together on our clients’ projects.
• The quality of our work is more important than the quantity.
• We are immersed in social media culture and know how to utilize Web 2.0 to market your campaign online.
• Everything is customized for our clients.
• At AMP3, our success is your success. We are part of our client’s team.

AMP3 Public Relations is on the cutting-edge of pr and marketing and knows how to bring you results. With our experience and creativity, we will successfully promote your product. Contact the publicists at AMP3 PR today to learn more!