Kelly Osbourne and “The Case of the Winter Blah’s”

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We don’t know what it is but news of Kelly Osbourne’s recent split from her adorable vegan chef fiance has us really bumming. Everything we’ve read points to it being a completely amicable split with little to no further comment. This should make us happy, as Kelly truly deserves to be happy and if she’s OK with the breakup, then we should be too…but we’re not…we’re bummed out.

This leads us to believe that news of her recent breakup and our resulting angst is purely a result of the recent rash of cold weather and, what those in the biz like to call, “The Winter Blah’s”.

If you find that it’s January and suddenly celebrity heartbreak is hitting you significantly harder than it should, head over to Wikipedia to read all about “The Winter Blah’s“.


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