Announcing the AMP3 Insiders Program (Calling All Interns!)

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Are you a budding PR professional looking to get your feet wet in the industry and interested in receiving insider information, access to exclusive NYC events, and first-hand dibs on new products and services? If so, we’d love for you to apply to be an ambassador as part of the new AMP3 Insiders Program!

What’s Involved:

For Virtual Insiders:
-Testing new client products & services
-Providing reviews of products or services
-Guest writing on a series of AMP3 PR blogs & websites
-Social Media Promotions (via Twitter & Facebook)

For Local Insiders:
-Attending client launch parties & events
-Live-Tweeting & Facebooking during events
-Capturing live video & photo footage
-Interviewing clients, contacts & guests for Live Feed real-time content

Benefits to being an Insider:

-Content for your resume
-College Credit (if minimum time commitments are met)
-Career References from Senior AMP3 Staff
-Inclusion on internal company news updates
-Hands-on PR Experience
-Networking Opportunities
-Potential Growth for Internship, Part-Time or Full-Time employment with AMP3

Here’s how to Apply:

-Email: with the following information:
-Current Status: (Student, Intern or Working)
-21 or over: (Yes or No)
-General Availability: (Date range)
-Virtual Insider or Local Insider: (City, State)
-Twitter Handle: (if applicable)
-Facebook Link: (if applicable)
-Blog Link: (if applicable)
-Any other relevant social media or web links:
-Paragraph on why you want to be involved: (What you bring to the table?)
-Attach your Resume

This is a great opportunity for students and interns to get a feel for our agency, get involved in our latest events and take advantage of perks like free products & services. If you’re applying for a summer internship while school is out, why not get involved even earlier during the Spring semester. This program will serve as a platform for us to get to know you and source in-house interns and staff.

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