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Oh, technology these days… iPhone or Android

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As a Tech Publicist who has a hard time keeping a hold on my cell phone (I think NYC cabs have three or four of mine), I just cannot bring myself to break down and throw in on an iPhone. While I have managed to keep a rope on my trusty Samsung flip phone from 2006, I do occasionally get pangs of jealously when one of my friends whips out their sleek touch-screen in order to navigate us to brunch or a boutique we can’t seem to track down.

The most recent feature of the iPhone that is making me waver towards the big purchase is the massive selection of iphone applications. Not only are there games and time-passers of all sorts (perfect for the subway commute), I just can’t ignore the importance of the happy hour finder or celebrity sightings in the city. I may soon be converted to an iPhoner…

Check out these cool applications for your phone:

  • Happy Hour Finder: Choose a ‘hood in NYC and find out the happy hour specials of bars in the area at
  • UpNext: A virtual aerial map of the city that lets you zoom in and fly through a 3D New York City. You can tap on buildings to find out what businesses are inside, subways stations to find out about train schedules and search for hair salons, sushi restaurants…anything you need!
  • OMGICU: As one who indulges in celebrity gossip all of the time, this website is an sms-based social network that texts directly to your phone whenever someone spots a celebrity in the city. Contributers upload the celebrity they spotted, where and any personal comments (“Ethan Hawke in East Village looking tired and hungover”) and users can vote how interesting this is to them.

I wonder where the closest AT&T  is….

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