Specialty Services : Event, Marketing & Traditional PR

Public Relations Services:

Traditional PR and Outreach

  • Writing Services: creation of press kits, biographies, lookbooks, press releases, marketing campaigns, pitch letters and website copy (a)
  • Design Services: graphic layout and design of press kits, lookbooks, letterhead, business cards, press materials, logos and websites
  • Media Outreach: press release and press kit distribution; getting press-worthy topics out on the wire to our extensive network of tailored contacts in print, radio & broadcast in the US, Canada & Europe
  • Editorial Outreach: targeted pitches including seasonal stories, trend stories, new product launches, event promotions, designer features, business profiles, TV appearances and more
  • Contact Management: contacting & maintaining relationships with relevant connections for the client’s business goals (such as stylists, photographer, buyers, distributors, etc)
  • Non Traditional Exposure: (our specialty) finding unconventional ways to get you exposure & visibility in the industry and the market place

Social Media & Digital PR Services:

Social Media Marketing and Campaign Creation

  • Social Networking and MySpace Promotion: creation of custom-design profiles on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and other sites relevant to the client’s particular demographic and niche market. Addition of general and targeted friends and the maintenance of incoming and outgoing messages, requests, comments, bulletins, etc.
  • Monitoring Web Footprints: researching and monitoring mentions of our clients on the web and intervening or joining the conversation when relevant or necessary.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: creation of Google Analytics Account designed to monitor and improve site traffic, and implementation of a Google Adwords Campaign aimed at increasing online visibility and promoting relevant products, services or events to relevant consumers (other capabilities include: Yahoo Sponsored Search, Facebook Ads and other like-minded PPC options)
  • Customized Outreach to Bloggers: reaching out to influential bloggers in specific niches, seeking out mentions, plugs, or stories to promote products, services or events aimed at increasing search engine rankings.
  • Social Bookmarking: Researching and facilitating the submission of articles to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit (among others) so that articles, press releases and stories can get picked up by other sites and users.
  • Creation and Maintenance of YouTube Campaigns: creating a viral campaign by conceptualizing relevant videos, designing a channel profile, uploading and tagging the videos with keywords, developing subscriber lists, friends and channel favorites, and maintaining interaction within these networks.
  • Submission of Events/News to Online Promotional Sites: to promote upcoming or current events to calendars, listings, or editorials to increase online visibility.
  • Metric Analysis: Creation, maintenance and analysis of site metrics and traffic so that we can focus resources on the most successful methods above to increase overall brand exposure.

Special Event PR & Production Services:

  • Event Creation: developing a press-worthy event concept
  • Event Production: for fashion shows, private parties, new product launches, performances, special events, and trade shows
  • Pre-Production Services: site inspections, negotiating rates, vendor recommendations, music and catering
  • Event Planning: timeline logistics, staffing & branding coordination
  • Invitations: design, distribution and guest list management
  • Celebrity and VIPs: invites and procurement of high profile appearances and performances
  • Press Coverage for Events: including photographers, print press and broadcast media
  • Gift Bag Fulfillment: acquiring & compiling promotional items for gifting
  • Securing Sponsorships: to assist with funding, liquor promotions and giftbags for events
  • Event Execution: bringing the event concept on paper to life!

Influencer Marketing: Creating Celebrity & Ambassador Campaigns:

  • Image Consulting & Media Training: preparing clientele for TV appearances, interviews and performances
  • Brand Management: integrating your kit with your image, website, etc.
  • Bookings: for appearances, gigs, performances and parties
  • Guerilla Marketing: creating word-of-mouth epidemics
  • Direct Marketing: postcards, flyers, and other mailers sent directly to our extensive database of media, press, celebrity, VIP and targeted contacts
  • Outgoing Sponsorships: involving clients in high-profile events, gift bags and award shows
  • Ad Buying: negotiation & placement
  • Online Marketing: creating a buzz through digital media
  • Influencer Marketing: Negotiating and Coordinating with influencers and content creators across many niches and verticals.

The AMP3 Advantage: 1+1=AMP3
We are more than the sum of our parts.

  • As a New York based boutique firm, we understand and appreciate the importance of personalized attention.
  • We’re accessible – when you speak with someone at our office, you’ll be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about your project, and not an operator.
  • AMP3 is a lifestyle; we do not subscribe or adhere to the 9 to 5 mentality.
  • We believe in quality versus quantity, and as such, we seek out the “right” media outlets that are inherently relevant to your story.
  • Web 2.0 isn’t an option at AMP3; it’s a standard. Already immersed in Social Media / 2.0 culture, we have a firm grasp of how to best market your campaign online. We get it.
  • No cookie cutter campaigns here; everything we do is custom. From writing materials to crafting pitches, we individually target the right people with the right message.
  • No Hand me downs or trickle-down effect – your publicist is always your publicist, not their assistants or interns and as such, no balls are dropped.
  • Little but Mighty! – This allows us to think fast on our feet, adapt, and roll with the punches as unpredictable campaign developments occur – no red tape required!
  • At AMP3, we become a part of our clients team. Your success is our success.