Public Relations 2

While somewhat similar, public relations, marketing, and advertising are three very different promotions tactics. The strategies of each are focused on a specific outcome by utilizing a variety of different tools. The objective of each service is:

Public Relations is focused on strengthening the image of a brand, product, or service. PR campaigns are executed through a variety of services including writing services, design services, event coordination, and creative pr tactics that are aimed at achieving greater exposure for the client and improve their reputation.

Marketing campaigns are focused on making sure the product or service remains in line with the demands of that market. Marketing works closely with the niche market by promoting the product to them directly in order to reach consumers.

Advertising campaigns are focused on promoting a product or service to a target audience. An advertising campaign is individualized for each product or service and is persuasive but not personal. Advertising campaigns are most commonly executed through the use of commercials, brochures, billboards, flyers, and signs to the general public.

Public relations firms are focused on improving the public’s opinion of the client. They must maintain a consistent flow of communication between the client, the press and the consumers. These cultivated relationships directly influence how the public will identify the client and determine the credibility of the publicist. When a creative publicist can maintain a strong relationship between the client, and the audience, then the business can thrive and become more valuable. A seasoned publicist understands the interests of the public(s) and how to address them. Effective public relations campaigns are dependent on the ingenuity, dedication, and communication skills of their publicists.