New York City Skyline

New York Public Relations Firm

AMP3 Public Relations is a New York PR Firm that servers Fashion, Beauty, Tech and Lifestyle brands. The Agency is based in the heart of New York City with offices located at 210 West 29th St. 6th floor, New York, NY 10001. The AMP3 offices overlook the historic Empire State Building, putting us just steps away from the 34th Street subway lines (N/R, 6, F/V) and a short walk from the Penn Station subway station, making us easy to get to from uptown, downtown, and the outer boroughs of New York City.

Our Gotham based headquarters allow us to be on the cusp of the ever-changing PR landscape, giving us access to new trends, resources, and high-powered contacts on a daily basis. Our location also puts us in the hub of the entertainment, financial, and media industries. Because most national media outlets are also headquartered out of Tri-State area, this gives us the unique opportunity to build relationships with major players in the online, regional and national press outlets.

With a niche focus on launch PR, New York also serves as an ideal location to plan, produce, and execute exclusive launch events, whether it’s for a product, individual or opening. We’ve successfully thrown events in a range of New York City venues, including the premiere radio personality Trey Morgan’s 30 Deeds, 30 Days documentary at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater; the Nolcha Fashion Week Style Lounge at the Empire Hotel and the launch of Global Brands at Ave Lounge at the Dream Hotel; the launch of social networking site, CAT Footwear, hosted by Perez Hilton at The Grand Nightclub in Midtown Manhattan; a CD signing and in-store performance for Jazz Singer/Songwriter, Marcus Goldhaber, at the Jo Malone flagship store in The Flatiron Building; an art exhibit opening for world renowned artist, Alain Godon, at the Galerie-Elysees on Central Park South; and a women’s health and beauty event at the infamous Saks Fifth Avenue Shoe Floor, on you guessed it, Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Our staff make it a point to be in the know of all that is happening on the social scene, from restaurant openings and special nightlife events, to private parties and hotel soirees.

Manhattan is such a cultural melting pot, housing all ethnicities and nationalities that culminate in a unique opportunity for an international and eclectic reach, when it comes to executing PR campaigns from our home base.

If you’re interested in acquiring a New York based PR agency like AMP3 Public Relations, you can reach us at 1-212-677-2929 or We look forward to hearing from you!