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Elepop Has Opened In Soho NYC

elepop nyc

On April 27th, AMP3 was really excited to be a part of the launch of New York City’s newest Instagramable art pop up experience, Elepop (Elephant Protection Popup). Elepop is a super fun and family friendly art instillation pop up that is focused on elephant protection and conservation. The launch of the pop up was a great success. We were able to host some amazing social media influencers as well as get some great media exposure.  The pop up is designed to be a fully immersive experience where people will be able to learn about elephant conservation methods, take some amazing pictures, and be a part of the conversation and movement to protect one of the Earth’s most beloved creatures through becoming nano-advocates for such a great cause. Each year over 20,000 African elephants are killed due to poaching for their ivory. At this rate, elephants run the risk of becoming extinct within 10 to 20 years if we do not actively work against poaching. Be an influencer and get your tickets here. 10% of all ticket sales will go towards elephant conservation organizations!

A Fun Experience For The Whole Family

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Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in a variety of different themed rooms, each of which tells a different part of a bigger story. You will get to learn about the economic loss, biological diversity, and international security that are all affected by the poaching of elephants. People are encouraged to take pictures and share their voice on this important issue. 

This pop up will be open through July 25th, making it the perfect summer outing with the whole family. The event is super kid friendly, and a great place for your kids to learn more about an amazing animal and how they can play a role in keeping them protected. It is also a great spot to get some fun family photos, making for a perfect pop of color on your social media feed. 

Elepop is proud to have partnered with MagicLamp Art Lab, a multimedia interactive art technology development and creation company who worked on numerous installations throughout the pop-up in collaboration with the Elepop team.


The pop-up will feature 9 visual and experiential art installations that will feature themes like habitat protection, memory and emotions, and elephant communication. When the audience walks in they will encounter a large honey-comb installation that is representative of a technique that farmers use in Africa to separate the elephant habitat from their crops and human villages. Similarly by crossing through the honeycomb structure, attendees are exiting their “human habitat” and entering into an elephant’s space. As guests move through the exhibition, they will have the opportunity to interact with a number of installations including a large trunk and paw print that make elephant sounds (trumpeting and rumbles) when touched. While elephants have a great sense of hearing, they also communicate through low grumbles that travel through the earth as far as 6 miles. Another installation is a large cage with hanging “tusks” that represent the restrictions of the ivory trade and its impact on international security. The black market for ivory, which is used by numerous brands for everything from fine jewelry to home tile, in reality funds terrorist activities around the world and the installation is representative of how something can be beautiful but damaging and dangerous at the same time.

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Song Zhao, co-founder of Elepop says, “In my years of study and personal experience, I have seen the trend for pop-ups and the kind of excitement that they create for consumers. There is so much visibility and opportunity to leverage that excitement into a positive influence and impact. Everyday people want to do good and they also want to share their experiences. I’ve always loved elephants because of how close they are to humans and wanted to help protect them. When putting this pop-up together, I knew that I wanted to work with an organization that works to improve the lives of elephants and educates the public on elephant initiatives, and I’m thrilled to partner with World Animal Protection.”

elepop nyc event



World Animal Protection has moved the world to protect animals for more than 50 years. Elepop is excited to be partnered with an organization that works with large variety of different companies in order to ensure the good treatment of animals. This amazing organization has earned an impressive reputation through their conservation acts that have prevented the cruel killing and poaching of many animals and endangered species. Taking action when it comes to animal protection influences a chain reaction of decisions being made that can truly affect the global agenda. Be a part of the conversation and push for more animal rights and animal protection awareness. Get your tickets to the Elepop and start a chain reaction. 

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