Boutique New York PR Firm

As a top ranked PR Company, AMP3 Public Relations is comprised of a cohesive group of creative, resourceful PR professionals. We offer our clients one-on-one account management, which allows us to focus on the needs of our client and work more efficiently. Many people make the mistake of going to a larger corporate firm for PR services, but at AMP3 PR we have the connections and direct senior level management style that will boost your business to new levels. We are a boutique PR firm and proud of it!

As a small full service PR agency specializing in non-traditional exposure, we utilize all resources available, in order to communicate every aspect of your brand to influential press and audiences. By acquiring consistent, tailored placements in specifically targeted markets, we can amplify awareness of your brand.

From a tactical standpoint, we push aggressive PR campaigns (media pitches, press releases, TV appearances, etc) to key media and editorial outlets (major newspapers and magazines, websites, blogs, etc) while staying in constant contact with our clients to ensure full satisfaction. As a boutique pr firm, we are able to offer more than just writing services and media outreach, by coordinating innovative exposure through unconventional methods in order to further our reach. Our close-knit office environment allows us to constantly surpass our clients’ expectations by creating specialized PR campaigns with one-of-a-kind design services guaranteed to attract the positive attention your brand deserves.

The principles behind AMP3 PR are focus, efficiency, creativity, and individual attention. At our boutique PR firm, the client comes first, always. In this highly competitive market, all of our seasoned PR professionals at AMP3 are dedicated to finding new, exciting ways to make your brand more visible and increase its value within your niche and beyond. If you are looking to acquire personal, creative public relations services, call us today!