What Does a Publicist Do?

Working in the public relations industry requires thick skin, creativity, and exceptional interpersonal skills. A publicist’s main role is to be a liaison between their client and the media.

Publicists are expected to create pr campaigns for their client that will promote their brand and make them more visible within their market. From the healthcare industry to the music industry, a publicist plays as vital role in growing one’s business and strengthening their valuation.

So what separates the best publicists from the industry standard? The best publicist is one that can work one-on-one with their client and have consistent focus throughout the entire campaign. AMP3 PR’s publicists are savvy professionals who are conscious of the target market and search for new ways to promote their clients.

Publicists create buzz for their clients and help them further build their brand. Regional , national, and international publications, television, and bloggers are all crucial outlets that a publicist utilizes in order to get the word out about a client. A publicist must generate positive media attention for their client while also addressing any negative attention.

Publicists are essentially brand managers who help their client increase their visibility and value. The main question a publicist regularly addresses is, “what makes my client press worthy?” This is the foundation of a public relations campaign. A publicist must constantly communicate with and attract new audiences to the client. Cultivating relationships with the media is a crucial skill that our NYC publicists have mastered in order to gain integrity and produce results for our clients.

Below are key qualities that all AMP3 PR publicists have:

-The best publicists are those who are invisible. Their role is to generate buzz for the client behind the scenes.

-Are personally involved with their client. This means the publicist maintains a close relationship with the client in order to maintain constant communication and flow of ideas.

-Exceeds the PR industry standard by using unconventional methods of generating press.

– Do not practice a cookie-cutter approach when handling a client’s pr campaign. All PR campaigns are specifically tailored to the client in order to ensure that the client is being promoted to target audiences.

– Is constantly cultivating new relationships with the media while maintaining already established relationships.

AMP3 Public Relations is a top NYC PR firm that utilizes ground-breaking publicity tactics to increase a client’s visibility and value.