Press Kit Creation Services

AMP3 can create eye-catching press kits for our clients. Everyone knows that a press kit is an important element of a PR campaign. What many people don’t know is how to distinguish a killer press kit from a mediocre one. A well designed press kit can be the deciding factor for journalists between covering a story or forgetting about it, record labels to sign a contract, and customers/buyers to invest in your services or product. Our press kits are designed exclusively to each client and in some cases, each recipient.

The elements of a press kit include

(Note: Not all press kits will have the same contents):

A cover letter: The cover letter is tailored specifically to the recipient. A cover letter should always include who and what the press kit is about, how it relates to the recipient, and your contact information.

A quote sheet:
The quote sheet should contain all press highlights for the client, especially well-known publications or experts.

A fact sheet: A list of accomplishments (press coverage, television or appearances, shows, etc)

Press clippings: Reviews, articles, interviews, performance write-ups,etc

High resolution images

CD,DVD, brochure, or product sample if applicable

A press release

A press kit is a powerful tool that can get you the attention your brand or business deserves. The press kit design should be creative, unique, and easy to understand. A solid publicity campaign must include an attention grabbing press kit that will leave journalists, and customers wanting more. A press kit should heighten interest and help the recipient understand what it is you’re presenting to them.With a team of highly innovative PR professionals and graphic designers, our press kit design services are a step above other firms’. If you are looking for a press kit that will make your brand or business shine, call AMP3 Public relations today to inquire about our press kit creation services.