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Restaurant PR, as well as general food and drink PR, is crucial in New York City. Every month, there are countless new openings and beverage launches. In this competitive climate, you need to make sure your restaurant is given the attention it deserves. AMP3 Public Relations will make sure your business is buzzing with our exceptional restaurant promotion services. Our publicists know how to effectively execute a restaurant PR campaign. AMP3 delivers top-notch restaurant marketing ideas to our clients.

AMP3 PR’s restaurant, food and drink clients include:

Magnifico Giornata

Magnifico Giornata is a new collection of essence infused sparkling wines out of France. The product is low calorie and available in 3 flavors: Ginger Pêche, Lavender Honey, and Grapefruit Blanc. AMP3 PR was brought on board to handle the PR surrounding their launch in Winter 2013.

Our initial job was to handle all of the pr activities surrounding the Spring 2013 launch of the product but grew to encompass everything from managing photo shoots to liaising & consulting with their web design and social media teams to venue outreach for product sales. In addition to the writing of press releases and pitching of launch stories, we also planned an exclusive launch party for the brand at Beaumarchais in the NYC’s Meatpacking district. The party was targeted at VIP’s & media to introduce them to the product and the brand. As a result of the party, we were able to generate a large amount of buzz surrounding the launch.

Exclusiv Vodka

Exclusiv vodka is a small Moldovan Vodka company that also happens to be one of the highest quality vodkas on the market and it is strategically priced at just $9.99 a bottle, to provide the best possible value to consumers. AMP3 PR was brought on board to work with Exclusiv Vodka in Fall 2012.

Contorno’s Restaurant

Contorno’s Restaurant is a rustic Italian restaurant located through the lobby of a Holiday Inn hotel in midtown Manhattan. AMP3 PR worked with Contorno’s Restaurant through the Winter and Spring of 2012.

Our job was to get people to see past the lower end Holiday Inn location to the delicious higher end restaurant within. We downplayed the Holiday Inn chain hotel status and positioned it as a boutique Holiday Inn experience when we had to address the location. Additionally, we played up their extensive wine program and held an exclusive Grand Opening event targeted at traditional media and the food blogger community to introduce them to the restaurant, the food, and the management team. We also come up with a number of featured promotions to draw in customers and pitch to the media. We managed all of their social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and worked with their team on revamping their website.

Polpettina Homestyle Pizza Kitchen

Polpettina is an Italian influenced New American restaurant in Eastchester, NY, just a short metro north ride outside of New York City. AMP3 PR came on board in Fall 2011 in the midst of an expansion that would expand the restaurant to include the Polpettina Market. Polpettina Market would bring additional seating as well as a local market where customers could buy everything from homemade jarred Polpettina products and organic Blue Bottle coffee to fresh morning pastries.

Our job was to promote the restaurant as a whole with a specific focus on the Grand Opening of the new Polpettina Market. Our work with Polpettina included everything from media pitching focused primarily on the Westchester community and secondly on metro NYC, to social media campaign development and management to the planning of the market’s Grand Opening party.

Milk Street Cafe

Milk Street Cafe was a 23,000 square food gourmet food hall located in the trump Building at 40 Wall Street. Amp3 PR was brought on board in Spring 2011 to handle the opening of the food hall, including creating the initial buzz and handling launch events.

We conceptualized a private press tasting, as well as a public “opening bell” ceremony, which was held when the client officially opened its doors for business. We also initiated and maintained all social media activity, creating enticing promotions and incentives for the consumer, and we executed all press coverage including traditional and online media.

HaChi Restaurant

HaChi Restaurant is an Asian Fusion restaurant located on NYC’s Lower East Side. AMP3 PR worked with HaChi Restaurant throughout Summer 2011. Because they chose to open without a liquor license (but had already filed for one), operating as BYOB was illegal so we were faced with a challenge of bringing people into a high end restaurant without the prospect of purchasing alcohol.

We chose to place our focus on their hip LES location, the unique and well designed space, and the delicious and beautifully presented food. We held a Grand Opening party on July 28th that catered to the media as well as local VIP’s & influencers, where we showcased many of the chef’s dishes and, because it was a private event, were able to offer Japanese beer, wine and Shochu cocktails (all of which would eventually be featured on the menu). We were able to generate a lot of buzz and interest in the restaurant and lined up a number of media outlets that planned to come in for follow-ups and full reviews once the beer/wine/liquor license was in place.

La Vie Lounge

La Vie Lounge is a hookah lounge and restaurant in NYC’s East Village. AMP3 PR worked with La Vie Lounge in the Winter and Spring of 2011 on building buzz for the business and building a following on social media.

Because the lounge had already been open for a year when AMP3 came on board, we chose to present the initial opening as a soft launch and promoted a Grand Opening party for media, bloggers, and local VIP that was held in March 2011. Additionally we set up Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare accounts and worked on building those followings. Because they found that they were having trouble bringing a weeknight dinner crowd into the restaurant, we also created promotions to bring customers in during those slower hours.


Goodburger is a fast casual NYC burger chain with 6 locations around the city. AMP3 PR came on board to work with Goodburger throughout 2010 & 2011 on their social media and online needs. Our challenge was to create new and original content for this business that had been around for 5 years while also growing and engaging their social media communities and garnering interest from the online and blogger community.

AMP3 PR began by creating specific initiatives to grow active and participatory social media followings while also building their online visibility in the food & deal blogger community. Eventually our work with Goodburger grew to entail general promotions and event planning for the restaurants. We utilized the social media communities that we grew as a place to publicize monthly promotions and news, online giveaways and deals, original video content, and original Goodburger content. We also created a Goodburger blog and Goodburger monthly newsletter, both filled with original content and special promotions designed for their readership. On the events side, building on the social media promotions we were publicizing, we began running in-store promotional events including $1 burger days, $2 shake days, and a 1st birthday party for the newest location.

West 3rd Common

West 3rd Common is an upscale gastro pub located in Manhattan’s Noho district. It maintains the cozy appearance of a 19th century library, with shelves full of leather-bound books, crystal chandeliers, and red velvet couches. The menu goes far beyond typical pub fare though, crafted by Chef David Scott Walker, it can best be described as New American and includes one of NYC’s best burgers.

West 3rd Common quietly opened its doors in December 2009 but waited to pursue a launch PR campaign until early February 2010. Coming on board late, AMP3 PR anticipated some resistance from the regional and food outlets who have strict guidelines regarding coverage of openings after a certain date. Knowing this, we developed a 3 month initial plan to introduce the restaurant to the neighborhood and build awareness. AMP3 PR chose to downplay the opening date and instead created a special promotion that would celebrate the “official launch” of the restaurant. Using both traditional and social media, AMP3 PR enacted a word-of-mouth campaign to promote a month long special. Additionally, we crafted press releases, pitched multiple themed stories to the media (in order to stay newsworthy and relevant), and created a social media presence. Ultimately, West 3rd Common ended up with dozens of placements in many notable publications and food blogs including Time Out New York, Wined and Dined, Where Magazine, Serious Eats, John Simon Daily, and Gothamist.

Exchange Bar & Grill

The Exchange Bar & Grill is a stock market themed bar and restaurant set amid the bustling shops and pubs of NYC’s Gramercy Park neighborhood. The space is replete with a ticker tape running across the length of the bar flashing menu and drink prices as they fluctuate based on “market value”. Customers can move prices in $.25 increments based on demand.

AMP3 PR was brought on board to handle the launch of Exchange Bar & Grill. We created a launch strategy that included pitching stories to the media (which were picked up by NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox Business News, AM NY, The New York Times) crafting press releases, and executing a private media opening party, where industry VIP’s and press spanning the areas of food, nightlife, lifestyle, and finance enjoyed complimentary beer and wine as well as a full tasting of menu items . Additionally reviews and interviews with the owner were readily avialble. The successful restaurant launch resulted in both national and international coverage. AMP3 PR also created an online presence for Exchange Bar & Grill, including the creation and execution of their Twitter and Facebook initiatives. AMP3 PR routinely came up with specials, parties, discounts and coupons, used to engage the audience and keep them coming back.

Kool Bloo

Kool Bloo is a 5 year old fast food chain located in New York City with 4 locations and 24 hour delivery. Kool Bloo was founded on the notion that fast food should be healthful, satisfying, and innovative. Kool Bloo combines lean meats, fresh produce, and natural ingredients to create food that customers not only crave, but also need to stay active and healthy. The Kool Bloo stands by their motto, “Good food for every mood”.

AMP3 PR was brought on to expand brand awareness of this existing fast food chain. To do this we focused on their key selling points (24 hour delivery, a huge menu, etc) and created and managed their online presence through both Twitter and Facebook. Using social media, we were able to speak directly with customers and offer exclusive deals directly to their target market. AMP3 PR also worked to expand the Kool Bloo neighborhood presence by reaching out to local business and schools to promote the restaurant and special offers. AMP3 PR pitched to local food reviewers/bloggers, which resulted in a number of reviews and blog posts and crafted a number of monthly specials and promotions which we pitched to local deal and food blogs resulting in an expansion of awareness and increase in sales.

Krunch Pizza Bar:

Combining the traditional cooking style of Southern Italian pizzerias with the energy of modern Manhattan, Krunch Pizza Bar is the most original eating experience in New York City.

AMP3 PR was excited about this project from the get-go and was involved in all elements of launching this upscale pizzeria. We took their modern vision and created a restaurant marketing plan that highlighted KPB’s originality in all positioning, promotion, and pitching to the press. AMP3 PR developed a press kit, which was previewed by key critics, reviewers and tastemakers in the industry and created a relationship with the neighborhood. Additionally, AMP3 PR executed a private press dinner, where food industry VIP’s from such publications as New York Magazine, The Times, Time Out New York, Daily Candy and Eats Magazine (among others) dined on complimentary pizza and wine. The successful restaurant promotion resulted in food reviews and restaurant listings in many of the above publications and increased overall foot traffic and awareness of the restaurant.

Recession Wines:

Short on cash but craving that perfect red to compliment your homemade lasagna for dinner? Recession Wines has something for you! Recession Wines strives to offer wines that are both easy on the palate and the wallet. Try one of their Recession Reds today!

Zen Palate:

Zen Palate’s mission is to provide delicious and healthy vegetarian food services. Zen Palate derives its name from the Japanese word Zen, meaning “sudden enlightenment”, and the French word Palate, meaning “sense of taste”. AMP3’s successful restaurant marketing plan has caused Zen Palate’s clientele to grow. Those searching for great tasting healthy food and a great dining experience need look no further than Zen Palate.

AMP3 Public Relations excels in marketing new restaurants, as well as new food or drink items. Using our established media connections, we will promote your new beverage or restaurant to influential publications in print and online. Some advantages to signing on with AMP3 PR is our accessibility and our web savvy. You won’t be passed around and forgotten about, unlike at some other PR firms. At AMP3 PR, original restaurant marketing ideas are always on the menu.