Film & Theater PR Public Relations

AMP3 is a New York City-based entertainment PR firm that represents independent and studio films as well as film production companies. We understand the effect that one positive review can have on a film or show, and we make it our business to know those influencers. As film PR experts, we will execute a buzz-worthy campaign to market your film and get it in the hands of reviewers, in order to increase movie ticket sales. In addition, AMP3 PR has created unique talent publicity strategies for our acting clients. We can also help connect your indie film with movie lovers by creating customized profiles on social networking communities and reaching out to influential film bloggers. We can also promote your film festival by using social media to increase your festival’s awareness among its core audience, and getting you coverage in the press. There are an abundance of opportunities to promote your performance or film with Web 2.0, and with our showbiz experience, AMP3 will craft a creative campaign perfect for promoting your passion film project.

Some of AMP3 PR’s Film Industry Clients Include:

Entertainment Industry Expo:
Entertainment Industry Expo is the one stop spot for entertainment industry information, castings and expert panels. The EIE is a unique event that combines industry job interviews with a trade expo. Networking and career advancement services are two reasons why any entertainment professional should attend the Entertainment Industry Expo.

AMP3 PR provides strategic marketing and publicity consultation for the film and theater industries. Our strength and advantage lies in social media marketing. We will create a campaign that will utilize social media to increase awareness for your film or festival. AMP3’s film PR services will distinguish your independent or mainstream film apart from the rest. Make sure your film has the audience it deserves. From festival publicity and marketing to film marketing, AMP3 has it all covered as your film PR agency.