Book PR and Public Relations

Want to promote your new book to the masses? Look no further than AMP3 Public Relations. We are a boutique Book and Entertainment PR firm with an expertise in social media marketing. We can promote your new book by reaching out to influential bloggers and reporters who cover book and other literature reviews. In addition, AMP3 helps authors create and maintain custom profiles on social networking sites to help reach your target audience and increase book sales. Our one-on-one approach guarantees that everything we do for our clients is tailored to their needs. AMP3 PR’s team of sharp and savvy publicists will help you market your book effectively.

AMP3 Public Relations has created successful book marketing campaigns for its clients, including:

Falls Media, LLC:
a humor book-publishing house. They have published a series of Would You Rather? books, focusing on absurd dilemmas related to everyday life, road trips, relationships and even pop culture. Spin-off titles include Read It and Wipe, What’s Your Price? and What Would You Be? . Click on for more information.

Matt Carson: the author of On A Hill They Call Capital, the story of eight twenty-something Virginians who, fed up with excessive taxation, irresponsible porkbarreling and the Patriot Act, revolt against the United States Federal Government. The full-fleshed characters and dramatic storyline make for a gripping page-turner. Join the revolution at for more information.

Rick Goeld:
author of Searching For Steely Dan. This is a funny and poignant coming-of-age story that takes place on the streets of Manhattan. Searching for Steely Dan tells the story of Eddie Zittner, a 29-year-old aspiring writer whose career is at a standstill and whose marriage is in trouble. The music of Steely Dan inspires Eddie to fix the realities of his life.

AMP3 PR offers its clients the cutting edge in book marketing and PR. We find creative channels to gain maximum exposure for authors and their book projects. Our strength is finding unconventional ways to bring our clients exposure and visibility in the industry and marketplace. With our proven experience in new book marketing, AMP3 Public Relations will help get your book in the right editors’ hands. If you are an author who is looking to promote a new book, or get your book in the hands of appropriate newspaper and magazine book reviewers, then contact AMP3 PR today and ask for our book pr services!