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Exchange Bar & Grill

With only two weeks notice, Exchange Bar & Grill contracted AMP3 PR to handle publicity for the opening of their brand new restaurant in the Gramercy area of Manhattan.  Our challenge was to create a swift campaign that would allow for a media launch event in addition to securing regional press coverage.  Facing extremely tight editorial deadlines, we were tasked with securing press in all of the ‘coming soon’ and ‘opening’ news opportunities in the regional editorial outlets before the timing was too late.

Within the first 15 days of the project, we were able to garner not only regional media interest, but also national and international media coverage as well due to the unique gimmick of the restaurant (their prices fluctuate based on supply and demand within the bar, which are broadcast on a giant in-house ticker screen). This angle allowed us to approach more than just the local food media, but also the national and international finance media who love to have positive market-centric stories to share. Using this angle to our advantage, we rallied major media support quickly and the local buzz snowballed.  We also conceptualized and executed a Private Media Opening, where tastings, reviews, and interviews with the owner were readily available to food, nightlife, lifestyle and finance press.  Since the opening, we’ve gone on to spearhead social media initiatives in addition to conceptualizing exclusive specials, parties, discounts and coupons, to engage their audience and keep their fans coming back for more.


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