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Case Study: Armadio


Armadio is an e-commerce marketplace that gives fashion lovers direct access to the workshops of the finest leather artisans in Italy (who create for the big fashion houses like Gucci, Prada and Versace). The platform offers local Italian craftsmen an online distribution channel for their designs, without any middlemen or luxury markup, providing the American consumer with authentic, high-quality leather goods that could normally only be found by walking the streets of Tuscany (at 70% of the retail price).


AMP3 PR was brought on to handle the launch of this innovative fashion/tech startup that is seeking to disrupt the luxury fashion market. We began by promoting the pre-launch of the site, which included a referral program that allowed consumers to earn free merchandise by referring friends to sign-up for the platform. During this phase, we synergized with style bloggers and influencers to promote the upcoming launch of the site through their social media audiences. For phase two, we approached key digital fashion editors with details on the initial set of artisans and products that would launch when the site went live and we partnered with more influencers primarily on Instagram (who also promoted the launch via their blogs, Twitter and Facebook campaigns).


• The week of the launch we placed features with key digital fashion media outlets that would provide direct click-through to the new Armadio site.
• The top 4 drivers of web traffic during the 3-week launch period were directly through PR articles, including #1: NY Magazine’s “The Cut”, #2: Refinery 29, #3 StyleCaster, and #4 Racked, followed by a slew of bloggers & influencers we arranged to wear and post about the brand.
• In the first two days post launch, the top two placements (The Cut & Refinery 29) drove almost $8000 in retail sales and key products sold out
• Top style bloggers included: Jayne Min (92K on IG), Kim Kong (70K on IG), Adriana Lucia (36K on IG), Mary Orton (75K on IG), Nicole Alyse (59K on IG), Miss Alissa (50K on IG), Victoria Park (32K on IG), Veronica Popoaicu (35K on IG), Tienlyn Jacobson (39K on IG), Blair Staky (53K on IG), Tonya Smith (43K on IG).
• Social Media Impressions directly from our influencers resulted in 494,358 impressions
• Media Impressions from our press placements were: 6,058,158
• Total Impressions for the campaign were: 6,552,516

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