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AMP3 PR adds chocri chocolates to its roster!

AMP3 PR is pleased to announce that it is now working with chocri, a German-based online chocolate store that specializes in customizable chocolate bars with unique ingredients. The site will launch in English in January 2010.

In the meantime, visit the German site at or the chocri blog, in English, at

AMP3 welcomes Green Scout Report to their client roster!

AMP3 PR is happy to announce the addition of Green Scout Report to their client roster and will be handling all PR for the site!

Subtitled as “the definitive guide to a sustainable new world,” Green Scout Report aims to educate and inform the public of ways to achieve sustainability in our everyday life in order to ensure an environmentally-stable world for our future.

Justine Suh, founder and CEO of the Green Scout Report, created the website as a way to provide a greener perspective to not just individuals, but businesses as well, all for the betterment and greater good of the environment.

For all things “green,” visit the Green Scout Report website at and follow @GreenScoutRPT on Twitter!

“The NYC Realty Guide: A Better Way to Buy Real Estate” video hits the internet airwaves

An award-winning agent at Bond New York, NYC real estate agent Rob Gonzalez was pretty frustrated with the lack of clear advice for home buyers in New York City. His solution? To make a short “How To” style video with a simple, straight-forward approach to the home buying process.

AMP3 PR helped him out and created a five minute motion-graphic video, “The NYC Realty Guide: A Better Way to Buy Real Estate.” The video, released today and circulating around on YouTube, aims to change the way buyers and sellers think about the current real estate market by providing clarity with a viral appeal.

You can check out the video below:

Blazetrak featured in The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Magazine

With only a few weeks left before Blazetrak goes live on the web on September 15th, there’s a lot of buzz generating about the site. This week, Blazetrak had two big features in The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Magazine that focused on the site’s purpose and how it intends to connect aspiring talent with current professionals in the entertainment industry.

You can check out the articles below:
Blazetrak in The Hollywood Reporter
Blazetrak in Billboard Magazine