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AMP3 PR adds Yantra (acupressure mat creators) to their roster!


AMP3 PR just added the newly launched to their roster! Yantra mats are yoga mats with 8,800 acupressure points that provide the soothing sensations of a back massage, while energizing your mind and body. Read more about these hot new acupressure mats at! For all media inquiries, please email Yantra publicist Termeh Mazhari at [email protected].

Follow Yantra on Twitter @YantraWay!

Kim Cameron featured in More Magazine!

kimcameron-more.comSide FX lead singer Kim Cameron was featured in the December 2009 issue of More Magazine! The article, titled, “From IT Exec to Rock Musician,” tells Cameron’s story of how a life-changing event made her re-evaluate life – and as a result, she wrote a song to convey her emotion. From there, she realized her true passion in music and decided to fully pursue it.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Grooveshark releases NEW version of their site

Today, Grooveshark released an exciting new upgrade version of their web-based streaming service at main changes are within the interface itself, making the site extremely customizable to its users by offering interchangeable themes and resizable menus. In addition, the new version is much more social by letting users share their playlists with others. Finally, the site is faster than ever, with a new navigation bar that allows for smoother user experience.

You can read more about the new version of Grooveshark below:
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Amanda Dolan’s “Precious Things” opening recap – Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Amanda Dolan posing with one of her pieces from Precious Things.
Amanda Dolan posing with one of her pieces from "Precious Things."

Amanda Dolans first venture in sculpting - her idea of a post-modern flower pot.
Amanda Dolan's first venture in sculpting - her idea of a "post-modern flower pot."

Mixed-media artist and AMP3 client Amanda Dolan unveiled her latest collection of artwork, titled “Precious Things” on Saturday night, October 17th, 2009 at the Ward-Nasse Gallery on Prince Street in SoHo.

Unlike Amanda’s other shows, this collection was more cheerful in theme. Each of the pieces featured a vibrant mix of bright colors like pink, blue and purple – all mixed with hearts, flowers, rainbows and more – including Amanda’s beloved French bulldog, Pearl. About half of the works from “Precious Things” sold the night of the opening. In addition, Amanda unveiled her first venture into sculpting by creating a piece that featured the bottom half of a mannequin covered in mixed media turned into what Amanda calls a “post-modern flower pot.”

Amanda was dressed to match her works of art as well, donning Betsey Johnson from head-to-toe with a black vintage Betsey Johnson dress, black Betsey tights with pink roses, and leopard print Betsey pumps.

White and red wine were served to guests in attendance, along with an array of colorful mini-cupcakes, customized M&Ms, and hard candy shaped in hearts and gem rings to match the occasion.

Amanda’s exhibit is on display until October 31st, 2009. For more information about Amanda Dolan, her work, and her private commission portrait services, visit