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A Gossip Girl Holiday

Rachel Malak Fashion

The holiday season is upon us! While Thanksgiving is typically hallmarked by large family gatherings, hometown friend reunions, and lots of hugs, this year has been (say it with me now!) unprecedented.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged Americans to rethink their holiday travel plans in light of recent COVID-19 spikes across the country, noting that even …

I Voted Sticker

Voter Efficacy: The Ultimate 2020 Trend

Rachel Malak Influencer & Celebrity, Social Media

Election season is most certainly upon us. Over sixty-six million Americans have already cast their votes for the 2020 Presidential election, and many are quick to argue that this race has redefined American politics. What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is the degree to which this election is redefining culture at large, not least of all popular culture.  Influencer Efficacy in …

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From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Style

Rachel Malak Fashion

The anti-values of fast fashion have been drilled into our brains for decades now. Never repeat an outfit. Quantity over quality. Buy cheap and buy trendy. Online shopping only exacerbated the already troublesome habits instilled by the chain stores of the world, and now, social media has glamorized fast fasion on a whole new scale. The Social Media Rise of …

Model walks down runway at a crowded fashion show

New York Fashion Month: Reimagined Runways & Unconventional Audiences

Rachel Malak Fashion

Back in May when the 2020 MET Gala was officially cancelled, I remembered looking forward to September. Everything we missed out on while quarantined — the designers, the interviews, the celebrity spectacle — would be reinstated via Fashion Month, but with the added excitement of COVID in the rearview.  Wishful thinking, yes.  Fashion Month clearly didn’t go on as scheduled. …

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Quarantine Brings Heightened Self Awareness & Trendy Skincare

Rachel Malak Beauty, Health and Wellness

The last six months with COVID-19 have forced us into a strange new normal. With limited physical interactions, the perceptions of our individual appearances are becoming increasingly apparent. This level of self awareness has changed how we view ourselves, how we take care of ourselves, and even types of beauty products that we buy.  While it’s true that our personal …