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Zen Palate

A healthy spirit, food from the earth for beauty, rejevenation

About Zen Palate:
Zen Palate derives its name from the Japanese word Zen (adopted from ‘Chan’ in Chinese) meaning “sudden enlightenment”, and the French word Palate meaning “sense of taste”. Thus, Zen Palate’s goal is to enlighten the individual through their sense of taste by providing delicious, vibrant and versatile vegetarian foods and food services.

Zen Palate got its start in 1990 by a group of Buddhist vegetarians living in New York who noted the absence of any quality Asian-based vegetarian restaurants in the city. Believing that great health, great taste and great dining experience could all be obtained at the same time, they opened the first Zen Palate at 46th street and 9th Ave. in the year 1991 in the hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Zen Palate’s Website: www.ZenPalate.com