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Mixify is the world’s never-ending electronic music festival.

Mixify came to AMP3 PR during their initial beta testing phase, looking for a strategic PR campaign that would help to grow their user base, while maintaining an authentic reputation within the EDM community.  They did not want to “sell out” in any way by garnering big tech or finance news.  Instead, they wanted a targeted campaign that would trickle-up from their core user (EDM lovers) to the mainstream.

AMP3 PR built a grassroots strategy, designed to create buzz within the EDM community first.  Our goal was to have everyone in EDM talking about Mixify’s product first, and later to attract some of the bigger press in the music & business worlds (targeting Billboard and Forbes specifically).  We also planned to build the reputation of Mixify’s CEO as a thought-leader in the EDM space, enhancing his credibility among EDM fans.

Week after week, we had Mixify’s latest set of upcoming virtual events featured on the top EDM & DJ media with built-in social media incentives (such as giveaways). Once usership on the site had successfully snowballed, and buzz was strong within the EDM world, we went to Billboard and secured 2 exclusives in one week (one on the .biz side, one on the .com side), and from there, we landed coverage in other mainstream outlets including LA Weekly, Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, and other music-tech outlets like HypeBot and Digital Music News. We also booked Mixify’s CEO to speak on EDM-centric panels at Social Media Week in New York, and EDM Biz (part of Electric Daisy Carnival) in Las Vegas, and garnered a nomination for Mixify in SoundCTRL’s annual Music+Tech FlashFWD awards ceremony for the “Best in Discovery” category, and booked Mixify as 1 of 5 music-tech companies to present at the GRAMMY’s Music Technology Lab in LA.

Top placements include: Billboard, Forbes,, LA Weekly, Vibe, BPM, Fast Company, MTV’s O Music Awards, Skope Magazine, and the Daily Beat.

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