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Menu Title is an on-demand music-streaming service for consumers hosted on the web and poised to change the existing business model within the music industry.

AMP3 PR was brought on to spearhead the publicity and exposure surrounding a slew of events that heightened Grooveshark’s visibility in the public eye. We were given the challenge of maintaining their positive and goodwill image, as a forward-thinking music company that was vested in the betterment of the existing music industry model. As such, we segmented their publicity by business/corporate, consumer/lifestyle, music and tech.

Ultimately, the coverage we secured helped to support the notion that Grooveshark exists to help to monetize the industry, not to take from the industry. We had several key tastemakers in music and tech support Grooveshark’s vision as a smart one, and as a result, lawsuits that were pending against Grooveshark from some of the Major Record labels were turned into positive, lucrative relationships.


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