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In April 2009, AMP3 PR was hired to handle the launch of a dance-inspired shoe collection, Burju Shoes (, only 2.5 weeks before their already scheduled New York City-based launch party of April 21st, 2009.

With a very short time frame, and given that we were dealing with an e-commerce product, we focused heavily on online publications and blogs, with niches in fashion, shoes, women’s interest, dance, wedding/bridal and working mothers.    We also tailored invitations to key contacts in press and media, and secured major personalities in the fashion industry to attend the event.

Based on the endorsements of the key press tastemakers that we courted at the launch event PLUS the targeted online/blog and print coverage we secured very quickly for this launch, Burju had to actually put us on hold as of May 12th, 2009—because the press was driving so many orders (the shoes are strictly sold online via their website), that she couldn’t maintain the rapid growth.  Soon, Burju Perez actually asked us to minimize the press we had in the works, because it was too much!

Here, we had a focus on niche blogs – most of which were newly researched and developed warm contacts based on the specific focus of this campaign, and relationships that were fostered within an extremely short timeline.

When we started the campaign, Burju Shoes literally had zero web presence, other than their official website, and now if you “google” Burju Shoes, nearly every hit is a direct result of our PR efforts.

Burju reports a 50% increase in web traffic, and a 30% increase in sales as a direct result of our PR efforts.

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